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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Moos

As you know, I haven´t had much to laugh about recently but yesterday I received a short video that still makes me smile whenever I think about it.

A few weeks ago I was looking through some online stores when I came upon something totally unrelated to my search which instantly made me think of Diane who breeds Longhorn cattle on her farm in Texas. Have a look at the video and you´ll see why I simply had to get it for her. (Make sure you´ve got the sound on.)

Isn´t that too silly for words? Don´t tell me it didn´t aMOOse you. I know it brightened my day.

As for the other good moos, my computer isn´t quite as empty as it was last week. I´ve reinstalled most of my graphics related software, and thanks to Deb and Diane, have replaced some PS presets which I´d thought were gone forever although PS itself is still impossible to reinstall. However, I do still have it on my laptop and while I was playing with it a few days ago I discovered several folders full of my brushes, styles and custom shapes which I´d totally forgotten were there as I´ve never actually used my laptop for designing purposes. Now that really was a cause for rejoicing. As for my photos, most of them I have on DVDs but many of my vintage family photos will have to be scanned and restored again. My cousin, Neville, has some of the originals and has kindly sent them to me to add to my collection. I´ve still got all my kits though the one I was working on when my computer went belly up has gone forever. However, I´ve managed to get back the old photo I´d built it around and have at least made a start by beginning to redesign the layout. It won´t be the same but I hope it´ll be a reasonable facsimile.

So altogether things are beginning to look up again. I´m feeling a lot more positive now and don´t have as many moo-d swings. I´m not quite ready to be put out to pasture yet and, who knows, I may even have a brand moo kit before I´m an udder year older. When that day comes I´ll party till the cows come home...

PS Deja moo - the feeling that you've heard this bull before.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Computer Disaster

My computer was infected with a particularly nasty virus. When I finally got it back I discovered that the damage was even worse than I´d imagined. Every single folder has gone. Every image. Every document. My entire scrapbook has gone including a kit I was working on. I´ve very little left after years of designing apart from what I´ve got at 4Shared or saved on a DVD. Not so much as a brush or a style was spared. All my programmes will have to be reinstalled. I´m having trouble reinstalling PS as the installation disc refuses to recognise the fact that it isn´t there any more and keeps coming up with an error message. It´s a nightmare and I don´t know if I´ll ever have the heart to start designing again from scratch as I´ve lost literally years of work. I´ll eventually get all my kits into the store. Maybe by then I´ll have recovered from this disaster.