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Hello and welcome. I'm glad you dropped by. If you´re looking for something a little nostalgic of bygone eras with a timeless elegance and a little modern twist – in other words, something slightly “retro” – then you should feel right at home here in my shabby chic room. Month by month, there will always be something new to see so I hope you´ll enjoy your stay and come back again soon.


My name is Helen Weber aka retro.
I´m a Scot living in Germany. It´s not where I planned to spend my life, more a twist of fate, but fate has lots of twists so this may not be permanent.
I graduated in stained glass/mural design from the Glasgow School Of Art but now prefer to measure my work in dpi rather than in square feet.
I´m a Capricorn - feet on the ground, head in the clouds.
I enjoy reading. I´ll read practically anything that´s well written but prefer thrillers to love stories though I do like Pride And Prejudice.
I´ve never read War And Peace and it´s not on my list.
The same goes for any book with Harry Potter in its title.
I like poetry, just about every style from Bob Dylan to Dylan Thomas, taking in TS Eliot and Robert Frost along the way, with a sprinkling of the Romantic poets like Tennyson.
The same goes for art. If I had to choose a favourite style I´d be stumped. I like the elegance and romanticism of the Victorian Pre-Raphaelites, especially John William Waterhouse but I´m also drawn to Salvador Dali´s strange and often scary surrealism.
I love animals and it upsets me to hear of them being cruelly treated but I feel the same way about anything that can´t defend itself.
I´ve always kept boxer dogs, all girls and all good-natured, friendly clowns. My current clown is Dora by name, adorable by nature. I´m not sure if I´ll let her into this room as some of its décor is fragile and she´s like a bulldog in a china shop. She´s pretty clever at opening doors though so she´ll probably turn up sometime even without an invitation.
Got to say that one of the advantages in keeping dogs is that they can´t talk back, and even if they could, they think we´re so perfect they wouldn´t want to.
Pet love – my pet.
Pet hate – housework. It´s boring and I only do it because I hate clutter even more. I see it like this. You dust and scrub and sweepdo the laundry and make the bed...and a month later you have to do it all over again.
Left to my own devices, I´d rather eat a vegetable than an animal though I could still be tempted by a bacon sandwich...
CONTACT ADDRESS: retro_designs@yahoo.com


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