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Hello and welcome. I'm glad you dropped by. If you´re looking for something a little nostalgic of bygone eras with a timeless elegance and a little modern twist – in other words, something slightly “retro” – then you should feel right at home here in my shabby chic room. Month by month, there will always be something new to see so I hope you´ll enjoy your stay and come back again soon.

CT Layouts by cass

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Hi...my name is Carol aka cass.  I live in the land downunder and love all things crafty.  I have been doing digital scrapping for about 5 years and love to create special pages for my grandchildren.  I have been on Helen's Creative Team for quite some time and love using her kits with the large number of very old photos I have, some dating back to the 1800s.  I also create pages with the amazing elements in Helen's kits to give me some really special pages for the family.

A little poem page using Doggy Treats embellishments.

 Vintage Wedding using Vintage Patina
 Love the colours in this kit

A Christmas Layout using "A Christmas Carol"

Back to a little fantasy with my youngest grandson, this layout compruises three separate photos, taken during the week at a Dinosaur show, The kit I have used is "Time Began in a Garden", just seemed the rightr kit for Dinosaurs.

Some pages for my Fijian Holiday Album, all made using the new kit "From Time to Time"

Here is a layout using Helen's new "From Time to Time"  (Cameo silhouette is not part of the kit) First picture is the digital version, the second is a Hybrid Card I made, replacing the Cameo with a wooden one.

I have just completed another collage, called Emerald.  Such beautiful green elements in so many of Helens' kits.

Here's is a collage I have just done, using many of Helen's kits, each piece of this scene (except for the face and hands) has been overlayed with a different paper, in all I used 6 different kits

Collage Obsessions are having a Love theme, what better than to get some beautiful elements from Helen's kits.  I have used bits and pieces from a number of kits including, Garden Treasures and Summer Past

Had a chance to play with Helen's "Doggy Treat" kit and came up with these two pages, the first is our little dog, she is a pug/cavalier spaniel cross as cute as a button, although she does molt all the time, and I do mean all of the time, hubby's job to brush her.

 This fun vintage image caught my eye for the second page

 Went on the Puffing Billy Dinner Special the other night, if you ever get to Victoria in Australia it is a must do - great night.  I've used Helen's new kit "Nature Notes" to make a page for our great night out.

Yeah! some me time, got to do some scrapping.  Here are a couple more pages using the Jewelled Seas Kit, so versatile.

There are some cute baby Elephant sculptures in Melbourne at the moment here are 3.
Mali Protector of All Animals has been created using the Jewelled Seas kit by Retro Designs.

For these two cuties I used Retro Designs All that Glitters Kit.

 It has been so cold and wet where I live, I just wanted to sit by the fire, so I thought lets create some small pictures, go and sit by the fire and do some hybrid.  I have used Retro Designs 'Nostalgic Scrapbook' to create these cards, added a little bling and now I have 4 cards I can send to friends.

I am so loving Helens new kit "Nostalgic Scrapbook".  So many ideas for this one.

Photo is of one of the statues on the front porch of Ripponlea, a beautiful heritage estate near Melbourne.  Helens Vintage Whimsy kit worked perfectly.

Here are a couple of pages completed with Helens Vintage Whimsy kit, love the colours.

Picture of the boat house at Ripponlea.  I have used Helen's kit called Summer Past, seemed very appropriate for this photo.

 Just found a fun picture from our Daylesford trip, and if you know swans at all, you know they can become very demanding, which they did just after this photo was taken. The Simply Serene Kit it is so versatile.

Went to a nephews engagement party last night.  Here is a picture of one of my nieces, Carey holding my youngest grandniece, Abrielle.  Put plenty of bling on it, because the baby tried to eat my watch, earrings, rings etc.  The soft colours of Simply Serence worked beautifully with this photo.

Another school holiday trip took us to Daylesford, famous for its Spring Water even with three boys in tow my daughter and I had a relaxing day, and who wouldn't with this scenery to look at.....  I have used Retrro Designs 'Sweetness and Light' great colours and embellishments for a scenery photo.

School Holidays in Australia, and I have been lucky enough this year to be well enough and have the time to going on picnics, drives and outings with my grandchildren.  These three pages are from a visit to Gumbuyah Park in Victoria,  Helens' new 'Kit Sweetness and Light' which can be found in her new store at  http://www.retrodesigning.com/ is so versatile I have used it on these three pages showing off some of our native fauna.

Who can't resist our cute and cuddle Koalas, Sometimes  you can be lucky, I was the other day, this young Koala left its Mum’s back and came down to walk to the next tree for some food, close enough for me to touch.  But , I didn’t!

Little Wallaby, just sitting in the shade (It was quite hot)

 And the last one is of my Son and Grandson feeding an Emu, photo was a bit blurry, as I was laughing at my daughter running away from the Emus, she had not realised they were loose and wandering amongst us, but I needed to scrap such a precious moment.

I can't seem to shake the Christmas feeling off this year, tree still up but will be down by tomorrow, here are 3 pages I have created with Helens beautiful A Christmas Carol kit.  Gorgeous elements!

On Thursday my daughter and I went into Melbourne to catch the Dolly Parton show, had a great time.  But first we went to Federation Square for dinner.  The had rows and rows of pine trees on the square, it looked magical, luckily I had my camera with me, here is a page using a paper and element from Helen's Golden Memories Kit

I am very lucky to live about a 30 minute walk from the beach, but only about a 3 minute walk to a rural area and this gorgeous site.    I have used Helen's Golden Memories Kit

These pages have been created with Helen's Golden Memories Kit.

This one is of my Mother, my sister and I as brides.  My sister and I will both be celebrating our 40th Anniversary next year.  (Yes, Mum and Dad really lucked out, we are over 5 years difference in age, but got married only 8 months apart.

This page is for Remembrance day in Australia, 11th November.  Both my grandfather and father returned from their service.

I have start by saying I am not a rose lover, EXCEPT when they are a simple single bloom, I planted this rose just before I got sick and nearly lost it through neglect, it has come back wonderfully this year, as our drought has broken and everything is green and lucious.

This script was taken from a sign in the kitchen of the Kyneton Museum, makes me glad to be a modern woman.  I have used Pretty Shabby by Retro Designs.

Took a train ride to Kyneton on Friday, bit cold, but we had a great time and did a lot of walking.  Here are a couple of pages using Pretty Shabby, with photos from the museum we visited.

We had Melbourne Open House last weekend, which is a two day period where a number of buildings in Melbourne are open to the public to visit and photograph behind the scenes.  My sister and I went into Melbourne and spent 5 hours wandering and photographing to our hearts content.  here are some photos I took of the Block Arcade in Melbourne (A very popular and famous Arcade, with some wonderful shops and cafes) I have used Helen's Nouveau Summer with its rich colours to highlight these photos.

My mouth is still watering at the memory of these beautiful window at the Hopetoun Tearooms.  Just looking in the window was enough to put on the kilos.

A wonderful Doll and Teddy shop where you can purchase some beautiful dolls butr also have your dolls and teddies repaired and dressed.

These photos of the beautiful windows, were taken on a behind the scenes walk of the Block Arcade

Love using Helen's 'Jewelled Seas', found these old photos the other day and even though they are from the 70s and the colour has deteriorated, they still come up fine on the computer.  I look at this little bundle and can hardly believe he is now over 6 feet. Had to add the cute little seahorse that Helen has offered on the blog.

Went to Phillip Island over the weekend and here are some photos I took. It was cold and windy but at least it wasn't raining. I have used Helen's Jewelled Seas, which always goes wonderfully well with the Australian Coastline.
I do not know how this fisherman was standing up in the wind and it was a chilly wind
Gorgeous horizons
Even captured the husband in this one

I love summer and detest winter,  I count the days to the winter solace, so that I know when the days are getting longer, we have had virtually no summer in Melbourne this year and although we have had a couple of really lovely autumn weeks, we seem to be entering winter with a bang and we still have 20 days of autumn left.  I have sat at home today and worked on different projects, feeling utterly miserable due to the weather, I need sunshine, I have gotten overcast skies and rain, rain, and more rain all day.  So to lift my spirits I created a page with pictures from my front garden last spring using Helen's 'Time Began in a Garden' kit.  Lifted my spirits to see all those great colours, going to the gym probably helped as well.

Love the 'Time began in a Garden' QP.  I have used a photo of the driveway to an orchard my sister and I visited last week to pick apples, even added some of the delicious apples to my potting shed.

With cute baby ancestors like these, no wonder my grandchildren are cute.  Here is a photo taken in 1924 of my Auntie and my Dad, not sure what all the clouds were for, I suppose a special way of taking children's pictures in the 20s.  But it has become one of my favorites.  Helen's "Heart of Gold" kit was perfect for this photo.

I have only just recently been given some photos of my paternal Grandfather when he was a young man, even got one of my dad when he was very young, that will be scrapped later, but as it is coming up to Anzac day I thought Helen's 'Heart of Gold' Kit would be appropriate for this layout, I have added some poppies from her 'Nouveau Summer' kit.

I have been playing with Helen's Shabby Chic Room 3 kit and came up with these three pages, each a little different, so many ways to use these kits.  1st page shows our youngest grandson hiding behind a tree

The second page I added some very old photos that we have, the one on the left is my husband's uncle around 1930,  on the right are relatives of my husbands taken about 1880.  I love this room it looks so cosy and inviting to curl up and read a book in.  I also added the chair and table from The Shabby Chic Room 2 kit.

and the last one has a photo of my grandson again with his cousin at a wedding, it is a photo I have made to look hand coloured and is int he final wedding album.  To get the edging to the page, I used one of the frames and some blending.

A reminder of one of the very few hot days we have had this summer.  A trip to the beach early one morning. I have used the Flight of Fancy kit, blending a paper into one of the photos I took of the very blue horizon.

My Hubby and I took our youngest grandson into town on Saturday for a the train rain ride (he loves trains) and to walk along the Yarra. I took this photo whilst we were walking back to the station, such a contrast in Architecture.  I used the Flight of Fancy QP as I think the Amber and golden coloured elements reflect the colours of our Flinders St Station


Maybe it has to do with getting older, I don't know, but as a child I was never interested in dolls houses, now I would love to have one to decorate, furnish etc. Thanks to Helen's great Shabby Chic Rooms, I now have one, here is a little house I created.  It has been decorated and furnished with The Shabby Chic Rooms 2 Kit.  I cannot remember how many layers, but I saved, and saved and saved as I went along, hope you like it right down to the pen and paper on the table ready for the letter to be written.

With another year about to commence, it is time to reflect and to think of the future, I know I am going to have a great year and I hope you are too!  Here is the kit Vintage Patina with a Happy New Year message.

A couple of past Christmas memories using Noel Nouveau. The first one is my sister and I as children.
The second one is my granddaughter, Christmas pictures of children certainly did change in 50 years.

Christmas time again, how quickly this lovely season comes and how quickly it seems to go.  Here is a page with my oldest grandson and a candle he made.  I have used Helen's lovely "Noel Nouveau", such a pretty kit and as blue is my favorite colour it makes it extra special.

Here is one I have created with SHABBY CHIC ROOMS PART 1

This little girl was a flower girl at my daughters wedding and she has just had her hair curled.
scrapladyandmore said...
Your little flower girl is soooo precious and I love peeking through the window and seeing the reflection of all those curl in the mirror...awesome LO using Shabby Chic Rooms Part1!
Here is another page using SHABBY CHIC ROOMS PART 1
So much fun using this little room, this is my Husbands Grandmother as a young child and in the photo as a bride.

And now the new bride, my daughter on her wedding day, I have used elements from the Shabby Chic Rooms Part 1 Kit.
Yes this is my beautiful daughter

I have used the Vintage Patina Kit for this page, Chateau Wyuna


  1. Your little flower girl is soooo precious and I love peeking through the window and seeing the reflection of all those curl in the mirror...awesome LO using Shabby Chic Rooms Part1!

  2. Oh I love your grandson's candle...how perfect that the top layer is blue. Great extraction and love the book behind the photo with the poem. Lovely!

  3. Oh Carol...love your vintage Christmas past page! I think you are on the right...so we are very close to the same age. Your little cherub is precious and so is your dangling chain with all the elements that are perfect for her!

  4. Too cute, Carol. Love that cherubic Santa!

  5. Thank you for the New Year's message. Just saw on the TV news you guys have already rung in the New Year...may 2011 be a good one you and your loved ones!

  6. Thank you for the New Year greetings, Carol. Your piper and that poem by our national poet made me feel quite homesick for Scotland. Have a happy and healthy New Year and, to quote a traditional greeting of goodwill from my homeland, "Lang may your lum reek." Figure that out if you can!

  7. Your Doll House is totally awesome and so very creative. Love the items you put into the attic, too! I actually have a doll house in the attic that was my girls...it's in need of repair. Now that I have 3 granddaughters I really ought to fix it if I can only find a place for it in the house...it is really huge! Thanks for the reminder...I forget about it at times!

  8. I love your miniature house, Carol, from the ground floor to the attic. It´s got a wonderful surreal look to it which reminds me of the little house in Alice In Wonderland. Any child would love to have this for her doll. It certainly brings out the child in me!

  9. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday...wow, you share a date with my Dad...I for sure can remember you birtday...hope it was grand. You have been in my thoughts wondering how close all the flooding is to you. Hope you and your family are all safe.

  10. Wow...how impressive is your photo in this gorgeous QP. The scalloped trim along the top even mirrors the scalloped design of the bridge supports. And the building on the left bears a striking resemblance to the airy leaf in the cluster. Excellent!

  11. I agree with Lajuana. The gold in the cluster really seems to reflect the gold in the photo. That´s quite a magnificent skyline you´ve got in Melbourne.

  12. I love your cool blue page! What a wonderful background you´ve created from the photo, and the inquisitive hummingbird and the bee are cute and quirky additions.

  13. Love the blue too...great job blending the photo into the background. Perfect use of the glass frames...like your grandson's shadows in the pictures!

  14. Carol...I'm in awe over all of your Part 3 LOs. How creative of you to make the view from the patio doors the focal point of the page...love the opened door and all the toys scattered in the room. And what a love story book you created.

    Your parlor is very inviting and what great heritage photo you have hanging there.

    So glad you described the background you so cleverly made using the frame and blending as I was thinking, I don't have that background. If I do how could I have forgotten it since it is so wonderful. These cousins are adorable.

    Great job on all three!

  15. WOW, Carol! I agree with all that Lajuana has said about your 3 SCR3 pages! Off now to study them in detail as they deserve...
    PS Have you noticed how well that kit blends with my latest, Nature Notes? That wasn´t intentional but quite a happy coincidence, don´t you think?

  16. I think the clouds in the baby photo are very appropriate. My first thought on seeing this lovely page was that the babies look like little cherubs. What a treasure this photo is.

  17. What a precious photo and scrapped so wonderfully using Helen's Heart of Gold. I love the lace behind the photo...so perfect for a heritage LO. Nice clusters and use of papers for border strips.

    What a treasure to now have the photos of your grandfather and father...admirable remembrance of their military service.

  18. I absolutely agree with your sentiments about winter and can imagine that creating your summer garden page cheered you up. I love it for its quirkiness. It´s hard to tell where reality ends and fantasy begins.
    PS At least our winter is made tolerable by Christmas!

  19. Oh Carol...I love your spring garden wonderfully decorated with Helen's Time Began In A Garden. It lifted my spirits, too. I have the sunshine which I wish I could send to you, but I don't have all those lovely flowers. Wonderful page. Your use of the QP is wonderful, too. Perfect photo and how creative to add apples to the bucket in the potting shed!

  20. What a wonderful collection of LOs using Helen's Jewelled Sea Kit. The 70s photo colors are accented perfectly with your choice of papers and elements...love this one of such a sweet memory. The coastline LOs are amazing and very creative. Love how you placed the elegant sunbather riding the wave like swirl. You are very fortunate...it's 6-10 hours to our Texas coastline from our house.

  21. Love your pages with Helen's Nouveau Summer. Interesting that one has a Christmas theme. My DP CT LOs with the kit were pics of my granddaughter's first Christmas. Now at 5 this kit is perfect for her first ballet recital.

  22. Wonderful stained glass windows!

  23. What awesome photos from the museum...Pretty Shabby is perfect for them and your LOs turned out just as awesome as the photos!

  24. What fabulous pages using Pretty Shabby. That museum looks fascinating but just imagine using those antique appliances! Pretty Shabby says it all!

  25. You´ve made some lovely golden memories yourself, Carol. The fly in the first one makes an amusing photo corner and the other pages are simply beautiful.

  26. Wow...love all of your Golden Memories LOs. Love the multiple use of the frame for all the brides and the large swirl used there, too. Your sunset photo is breathtaking and so very unique! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  27. Love the nostalgic look of your lovely pages using A Christmas Carol. You´re well named!

  28. Lovely use of A Christmas Carol...great clusters of these wonderful elements. I hate to admit it but my tree was up until June last year. Hopefully it will come down sooner than that this year!

  29. Your little creatures are adorable. Love how you placed the swirls...very creative.

  30. Great LOs...can't decide which I like the most. Really like the stacked papers with leaves tucked in between the papers and the lovely clusters. Awesome photo of the old building!

    The Pied Piper LO is too cute...the names says it all. And the golden glitter splatters and trailing stars make perfect accents!

    All the bling is really perfect for your "Party Girls"! And I really like the light background...makes the darker photo pop!