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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lying Low

I´ve been lying low for a while, both literally and figuratively. To say that I´m suffering from headaches is comparable to saying that root canal treatment without an anaesthetic is like toothache. It´s nothing serious though. It just feels like it is but these are almost certainly transference pains from my neck bones, the only part of my spine which wasn´t treated in the clinic due to lack of time. However, I have an appointment with a specialist next week and I´m sure he´ll find a solution. In the meantime, thank goodness for paracetamol!

The above explains why I haven´t been either very productive or particularly creative recently although my garden certainly has been with very little help from me. It seems that I´m not the only one who´s been lying low. You may remember my quirky white (?) rose bush and the crafty little gardeners who always do their best to try to please the Red Queen by painting the roses red. Well, I was rather concerned about them all summer because these roses remained entirely white and I began to suspect that the ferocious monarch had finally lost her patience with the little fellows and carried out her threat. Now THAT punishment would cure anyone´s headache! Then, just a week ago after a short rainy spell had kept me indoors, I went back out into my garden and this is what I saw....

It looks as if they got a lot further with their painting this year as it´s not just a few petals they´ve managed to paint before Her blood-thirsty Majesty caught up with them but three entire flowers, which is a record. As usual it´s the dopey, lazy one that got caught before he´d even started while the real culprit was lying low in the shrubbery and got off scot free. Better luck next year, dopey...
...and Keep Your Head!