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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Freebie

There´s very little I like about autumn. I don´t like the night frost which turns my lawn white and blackens my roses. I don´t like the mist which makes everything grey. The only saving grace it has for me is when it turns the leaves to rust and gold so if you feel as I do perhaps you´d like this little fall freebie.

You´ll find it HERE.


  1. As a birder I find more in fall to enjoy, but the leaves are vital in making its appearance pleasant. This leaf is adorable, almost looks like a cookie (and is making me hungry, must be lunchtime!) Thanks for sharing your creation for the best part of autumn!

  2. Your freebie is so pretty - love the swirls and color! Thanks for sharing!

    I like autumn, it's just the part where it gets really cold and becomes winter that I don't like living in. Pictures of ice and snow can be lovely, especially because I'm not there :D

  3. I'm with Jean, the freebie looks almost like a cookie, that was my first thought when I saw it... very pretty, thank you! I dislike the things you mentioned too about fall, but I love the leaf color, and I love the early fall temperatures, but I HATE the white stuff that is on it's way... Don't even wanna think about it! :)

  4. Hi Helen,how about
    "all glitter and glamour" as the name for your lovely kit.
    hugs Nelleke