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Monday, April 30, 2012

From The Sublime...

In most of the photos I have of my aunt she´s unsmiling, composed and elegantly dressed in the height of 30´s fashion. However, just occasionally the façade slips and shows her to be more than just a perfectly groomed fashion plate.

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The first photo is typical of many I have in which she´s looking her most elegant which is why I chose that particular one for my present blog header. As you can see from the second photo, at some time during the 30s she seems to have become a victim of a truly bizarre fashion and in the third one she´s lost her cool entirely as she scrambles around the beach on all fours with my mother and a friend on her back. Good to know that the family sense of the ridiculous didn´t pass her by. Now you know who you got it from, Neville.

I created this page from the kit I´m currently working on. That is when I´m not in my garden waging war on the snails that infest my veggie patch. I probably cut a ridiculous figure myself as I scatter crumbled egg shells around while muttering strange oaths under my breath. Thank goodness there´s nobody around to take photos of me while I do it!


  1. Your creativity NEVER ceases to fascinate me. This page is awesome.

  2. This certainly brought a smile to my face this morning...love the journaling. And, love how your aunt has positioned herself in front of the pinned photos as if to defend her "elegant side" in spite of her ridiculous and beyond sides you're sharing here!

  3. I can just imagine her dimensional self on the page admonishing you, "Are you quite certain about sharing these private moments, dearie?" What a striking page with the stripes and range of images. Love that photo envelope.

  4. I don't know how to express this, but I think the mixture of silly and elegant photos really shows your Aunt with more "life"... or "reality". At any rate, I think it's marvelous, and your new kit looks like so much fun! :)