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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Perfect Day

Perfect days in life are few and far between and for me today certainly isn´t one of them. It´s dull and rainy and seems more like October than June. All the more reason to look forward to my summer holiday when good weather is forecast.

I love the sea and most of my perfect days have been spent on the coast. One of my favourite North Sea resorts is Domburg on the Dutch Zeeland peninsula where I rent a small cottage near the shore every summer, mostly just for Dora and myself as Herbert´s too busy to spend more than a few days with us. I get up early every morning as I particularly love the beach at that time when it´s abandoned by everyone except Dora and me and the seagulls. It doesn´t take much to keep us happy for the rest of the day. When I´ve had enough of lounging around reading I´ll go off to the high tide line to see what new shells the sea has washed up overnight and Dora will follow me carrying either her ball or the cork toy I made for her, and being Dora, sometimes both! 

  Click on image for a larger view.

I know that this isn´t everyone´s idea of a perfect day so, while we´re away, I wish you whatever makes you happy this summer. Hope you´ll have lots of perfect days.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me! Would love to be there with the soft cool breeze from the ocean blowing through my hair and breathing the fresh ocean air. So glad Dora will be there again with you and you can enjoy each other without the distractions that come up around home like laundry, gardening, and designing. Dora will be in doggy heaven! Have a wonderful R&R trip!

  2. What a great layout especially with Dora waiting patiently for the sunbathing lady to throw her toy. She better watch out though... looks like she's about to get a snip on the tail by a sneaky lobster!