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Sunday, September 23, 2012


If I haven´t been around for a while it´s because I´ve been making the most of the summer by spending my days in the garden. While the good weather lasts, being outside is preferable to scrapping, designing, keeping up my blog and just about anything else you can think of which requires a computer. I did spend two weeks in Scotland though. No, not in my mothers´garden. Judging by the changeable weather, summer seems to have lasted until around mid-June this year and I came back with less of a tan than I had when I left Germany. I also came back with less of my luggage than I had when I left Germany but that´s another story. Thanks to UPS it was delivered a week later. How nice it is to have a hair brush again. I missed that most of all. (Since the only alternatives were Dora´s brush and the lavatory brush, I wisely made do with a comb.) Despite the weather I also miss Scotland, especially my home town, Glasgow, where I met up with my friend, Eileen, a couple of times. We visited the Art Galleries, Glasgow University´s Huntarian Museum, Kelvingrove Park and the wonderful Victorian glasshouses in the Botanical Gardens, the last of these being the best place I know to heat up in on a chilly day.

I said earlier that I hadn´t done any designing recently. Well, that´s not strictly true. Eileen looks after a little boy twice a week and often reads to him. Somehow we got onto the subject of bookmarks and I said I could make one for him and asked what kind of motif he´d like on it. Since the current book is a harmless children´s fantasy by Enid Blyton, I was surprised when she said “Aliens”. Apparently he´s also interested in finding creepy crawlies in the garden, bringing them indoors and examining them before releasing them again. Somehow that rang distant bells which came closer the more I thought about that, to me alien, hobby. You may remember my preoccupation with combating the snails in my garden this year. Well, I think I may have been influenced by that when I designed this alien-themed bookmark . 

I hope he also likes slithery slimies...which is more than I can say for myself.


  1. This is seriously creepy but so creative. You always make me laugh. :o) Glad you're home safely... brush and all.

  2. I want to say "gag" as it is rather gross, but also beautiful. Looks just about as I imagine a small boy would want it. Love your name for them. I guess I haven't been around much either, not sure doing what. Maybe fall is the time to gear up again. Thanks for this giggle!