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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shhhh...Helen's Asleep and the Christmas Elf is decorating her Blog!

The store is all decorated and is now featuring Helen's Christmas kits.  My goodness, I had forgotten how gorgeous these kits are...you must click on the MY STORE sign and go take a look at these festive kits!

It's been awhile since I have played around in Helen's blog...but I couldn't resist surprising her by doing at least a little decorating here for Christmas.  I wanted to save some of the decorating for Helen and Dora.  So, they can add the jewelled Christmas tree to the table and replace the flowers on the shelf with some Christmas decorations and cards!  Oh, don't forget to hang the Christmas stocking, too!

Merry Christmas to my very special friend!


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely surprise, Lajuana! You must have read my mind because I´ve been thinking of making the blog more festive for the past few days but haven´t felt up to it. I put my back out several weeks ago and have literally been lying around ever since because sitting upright is so painful. I think another few weeks at the orthopaedic clinic is called for though not until after Christmas.

  2. So sorry to learn about your back troubles. Just take care of yourself and Dora and I will finish the decorating. I couldn't find a png of the Christmas header but can make one quite easily. I have been missing in action here too for a while. The activities of the grandchildren have kept me busy. I needed some "me" time, so after decorating the store, I made a layout with Miller's one-month old pics. He's 18 months old...my how time flies, but I was waiting for the release of Nature Notes because it is so perfect for Miller's photos. Off to post it now. Did I hear "woof, woof"? Tell Dora I'll be ready to finish decorating after I get another cup of coffee!

  3. Thanks, Laj. No need to design a new header. The original is on its way.

  4. Thanks for the header. Blog decorations all done...Dora was rewarded with a stocking of treats!

  5. Helen, sorry to hear that you're not feeling good. ANY kind of pain is "a pain", but back pain must be the worst by far. You really can't do anything without hurting.....
    Laj, I'll let you decorate my blog anytime you feel you want to :-) I'll want to learn how to do this......

    1. Let's get together after Christmas and I'll help you get you blog "decorated"...laj! Have a very Merry Christmas!