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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Grave Subject

I took this photo in a Scottish cemetery several years ago. It´s one of my favourites.
I particularly like this version as the eye isn´t distracted by the background.
By daylight the angel isn´t at all spooky, just a little pensive, but blended into a Gothic background I think she´s eerie enough for Halloween.
I´m flying to Scotland in a few day´s time so I´d better get my broomstick out and dust off the cobwebs.
Have a creepy Halloween!
See you again soon.


  1. Hope you had a freaky Halloween. Love the grave sculpture and your tweaking of it. Have a great time in Scotland!

  2. Hope you has a great time in Scotland, I will confess I love to walk through cemetaries.

  3. You really transformed this lovely angel into an awesome Halloween scene. I love to walk through old cemetaries, too. I actually have some really neat photos of grave stones for my great-grandmother and her father.