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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rudolph And Roses

After an unexpected snowfall yesterday I awoke this morning to a miserable drizzling rain. In this kind of dreary weary winter weather there´s nothing as welcoming as a splash of colour at the front door but in December the choice of flowering plants is limited. Red cyclamen with its fragile drooping blossoms is quite beautiful as is the more flamboyant poinsettia but neither of these will tolerate a sudden drop in temperature so this year I decided on a less conventional display on my doorstep in the form of 3 small rose bushes which I found at a local market stall. No sooner had I bought them than I spotted a dear – pardon the pun – little basketwork reindeer looking at me beseechingly and just begging me to take him home. I fell for him instantly and the fact that he was carrying a tiny shrub with red berries just added to his appeal.

With such a cheerful welcoming group on the front doorstep all I can say is who needs poinsettias!


  1. Oh my goodness... the reindeer is adorable!! And he's so festively framed. Your porch decorations are beautiful.

  2. Love the "dear" little reindeer. I didn't realize until a week or so ago that rose bushes were evergreens. Guess that tells you I have no rose bushes. Wish I could come calling at your door and be greeted by your berry reindeer and roses. I surely have to wonder what Dora thinks of the reindeer?

  3. Oh, I do also wish I would be stopping by to see you and your wonderful doorside welcome. I'd fall for that guy too!