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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Exuberance Of Lilies

I don´t know what the collective noun for lilies is but for my so-called black - though in reality dark purple – calla I feel it ought to be “an exuberance”. After it´s spent the entire dreary winter dormant and invisible in a sunless sub-basement, as soon as the first tiny green shoots force their way out of the dry earth and I carry it upstairs, water it and place it on a sunny window ledge there´s simply no holding it. It seems as if suddenly overnight its little shoots magically transform themselves into rampant foliage followed rapidly by an amazing number of flower buds which can hardly wait to burst open to greet the sun. No other temporary resident on my patio exudes such vitality.

I´ll be off to Domburg with Dora shortly and I only wish I could take my calla with me because its flowers are already beginning to fade and will probably be entirely gone by the time I return in mid-July and it´ll soon be time to carry it back down to the basement again for its winter hibernation.

Still, I won´t dwell on that but rather on my preparations for my holiday and the anticipation of a few weeks of sun, sea and sand. I know for sure that I´ll get the last two but the Zeeland peninsula juts into the North Sea so it isn´t exactly what you´d call tropical so just wish me lots of the first!


  1. Your lily is gorgeous! Have fun on your vacation.

  2. Wow, those are stunning! I've never seen calla lilies in that color. Have a wonderful time on the beach. I hope Dora finds lots of kids to throw her toy for her. :o)

  3. I have to agree WOW! these lillies are stunning, gorgeous colour hope you are having a great holiday

  4. Hope you're having a wonderful time by the sea! The lilies are stunning. What a delight it must be when you bring them back into the light. Your treatment of the photo is also quite wonderful.

  5. Amazing blooms and colorful plant...and how perfect is Summer Past to use to showcase them. Seeing how it is almost mid-July, I hope you have been enjoying the sun, sand, and fresh sea air. I've been learning a new website building program...been totally tunnel-visioned the past month. All 6 grands will be here next week, so I'll take a break to enjoy them. Looking forward to pages created from your vacation!