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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Seventy Years Ago

My mother survived my father by 19 years. It´s sad to think that neither of them lived to celebrate the 70th anniversary of their marriage this year. I only have 2 photos of the occasion, one of which I´ve had for many years and another which I found at the bottom of a drawer after my mother´s death last Christmas. Mine is framed and in pristine condition. My mother´s is dog-eared, faded and worn looking like many of the old family photos. I´ve often wondered why this should be and have decided that it´s probably partly due to the fact that my mother, like her mother before her, lived for the present and didn´t dwell on the past. Also, although I often told her that she was remarkably attractive in all her photos, she always laughed and denied it. The only framed photos in her house were of her mother, her husband and her children, so being the selfless person she undoubtedly was, perhaps that reflects what was most important to her. 

The following page is a memorial to both of my parents. It may look at first glance as if I had quite a few photos but in reality there really are only the two plus a couple of little sketches created using an action I made a while ago.

I created the above page using the kit I´m presently working on, unnamed as yet though suggestions would be gratefully received.  


  1. Your mother is lovely and your father is very handsome! She would have loved this page. Such a beautiful tribute. Happy anniversary to them both.

  2. What a handsome couple and I love the sketches...nice addition to the page. I really like the copper elements which will be great for fall...and the torn and aged paper is so perfect. 70 years is a long time. My mom is still with us but Dad passed not long after their 50th anniversary...September 1 would have been 66 years for them. I should have posted a layout I had done as a CT LO years ago using their wedding portrait in memory of their anniversary...not sure whose kit is was right off hand. I do think, however, this new kit will be perfect to scrap their 50th anniversary. It's on the to do list!

  3. I really like your new kit, and your sketches look wonderful on the little book. A lovely tribute page to your parents. :)

  4. Quite amazing what you accomplished with just the two photos! The page looks grand and certainly makes the day memorable for the future. That paper is a delight and like the colors. Wish I could help with naming, but not my forte, I'm afraid.