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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Long Ago And Far Away

What I miss most about Scotland is something I took for granted while I was living there, namely my close proximity to the sea. No matter where I´ve lived in my homeland I´ve always been close to either the Atlantic Ocean in the west or the North Sea in the east.

It seems almost inevitable that every move we´ve made within Germany has brought me a little closer to the coast...and to home. Now we´re living right on the Dutch border and at last I´m able to spend part of each summer in one of my favourite North Sea resorts on the Zeeland peninsula which is only a 3-hour journey from here.

This photo was taken on a deserted beach in the far north of Scotland when I was 19. To me this page expresses how I feel about those days which now seem so long ago and far away when I still took the sea - and my youth - for granted.


  1. Your page is reflective in so many ways. Very creative. I think it turned out great. I know you are longing for your trip to the sea. I think we are going to take a little vacation this summer. It's been years since we had a get-away. I am looking forward to it.

  2. You and this image are both so beautiful. That's a very strong image of longing for long ago and a place you love. I've never lived on the sea, but we do live on one of the largest bodies of fresh water and can't imagine being totally away from it.

  3. reflective, indeed. very nicely done :-). love to sit and listen to the sea, watch the tide come in (or go out).