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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

I´ll be off to the coast in just a few days and I´m busy packing right now. It´s so difficult to make up my mind about what to take and what to leave but I´ve finally narrowed it down by deciding that I don´t need the kitchen sink. If I change my mind my husband can bring it the following day along with Dora . I don´t trust the weather forecast which promises warm but not scorching temperatures so I´m glad I won´t have to run the risk of transporting Dora in a 4-wheel sauna. She´ll be a lot happier – and cooler - in her kennel in our bus.

Before I go I´ll give you the link to this little seahorse which coordinates with Jewelled Sea. If you´d like it, you´ll find it HERE.

Have a wonderful summer!


  1. Oh, we'll miss you! Have a wonderful time! Love the seahorse! That is just too cute! I would definitely leave the kitchen sink here if I was going away... I have a love/hate relationship with mine right now... you have to get the handle JUST Right or it drips! And I can't get the lime build up off of it, no matter what I try. It's time for a new one... Anyway... I hope you have a fantastic, relaxing, revitalizing get-away! :)

  2. Love the seahorse!
    Any chance you come by Eygelshoven??? Give a shout if you do! :-)

  3. Pauli, I´ve just looked up Eygelshoven and see that it´s near Roermond and also Venlo which is just over the border from us and my favourite town for shopping. I pass Venlo on my way to Zeeland via Einhoven, Tilburg and Breda. It´s quite a coincidence that you live so close to me!

  4. The seahorse is precious. Thank you! Have a great time on your holiday and be thinking of us with temperatures over 100 every day. :o)