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Monday, July 18, 2011

She Sells - or gives away - Seashells

Since I got back from Domburg on Saturday, I´ve shaken the sand out of my shoes and my luggage, washed it out of my pores, my hair, my clothes and my dog...and I´m still finding gritty traces of the seashore on my floors. I had a wonderful 3 weeks on the coast but it´s nice to be home again and to be able to eat a sandwich without any sand in it.

But now comes the inevitable part of any carefree laundryfree holiday. You´ve guessed it. The dreaded IRONING. I´m off to tackle that mind-numbing task right now but before I go, for all you folk who haven´t managed a trip to the coast this year or for those who have and would like a few extra decorative elements for your seaside pages, here´s a little freebie for you.

If you´d like this Jewelled Sea add on, you´ll find it HERE.

Wish I had time to use it myself but a huge pile of wrinkled laundry is calling my name...


  1. Welcome home Helen! In spite of the sand, I know you and Dora had a wonderful time at the beach. Looking forward to photos just as soon as you get all that ironing done! I got to scrap some once LaChelle got out of the hospital...been having fun using Jewelled Sea! Thank you soooo much for these wonderful seashells. Did Dora find these for you while romping along the beach?

  2. Ha! The only things Dora found were dead - VERY dead - crabs and suchlike. And, before anyone asks, no, I didn´t let her bring them home even as freebies for her doggy friends!

  3. Oh, Dora is such goof! Glad you didn't have to bring home dead things. Very happy to see you back again. Hope that ironing doesn't get you down. And thanks for the beautiful shells! Looking forward to your always delightful pages from the shore.

  4. Welcome home, even if it IS with loads of laundry LOL.
    Thanks for the seashells... they're going to come in handy. I'm trying to get hubby to go back for more seashore fun.
    Make sure you check everything, Dora may have hidden some "gifts" for later use LOL

  5. HA! I think my nose would have told me already...