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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simply Succulent

I love succulents, especially sedum, and have many different varieties in my garden and in various pots around my patio. Some have big leaves and some small, and the really tiny ones spread out rapidly until they form an uneven ragged carpet around my flowers and help to keep weeds at bay. They produce flowers of their own, from very small to quite spectacularly large, but even when they´re not flowering I think they´re very pretty and decorative.

I created this fairly simple page in celebration of the uncomplicated sedum using the floral kit I´m currently working on. It´s mainly in cool shades of aqua and various warm brown tones from dark to beige, plus gold and silver and with my usual scattering of jewels. There are also some semi-transparent frosted glass and gold glitter items like the bird which I particularly like myself so I´ve used the same style for the title. Which reminds me, the kit isn´t named yet and suggestions will be welcome. Hope you´ll like it when I finally get around to posting the preview.

PS It´s just occurred to me that the bird seems to be looking at the strange nest and its equally strange occupants and wondering who laid those eggs! And that in turn reminds me of a silly joke...What did the baby bird say when it saw an orange in its nest? Orange marmalade.

Well I did warn you it was silly!


  1. Your succulents are very pretty, and I am sure you like the fact that they keep the weeds at bay. Looks like you have another wonderful kit in the works. I've not had enough coffee yet to help with the name for the kit, but I will give it some thought once my brain wakes up. I like the bird alot, orange marmalade... You crack me up! :)

  2. My mother liked rock gardens and had lots of what we called "hens and chicks" and my sister has them in rock gardens and pots. They are very sweet plants and keeping weeds down is great. This page looks so serene and beautiful. I am intrigued with the frosted glass. You know I love the bird even with the orange marmalade (thanks for the big grin from that!)

    I'm dreadful with naming, so have to leave that to others. Looking forward to seeing more of what will obviously be another stunning kit.

  3. OMG...love this. Blues, turquoise, and aquas are some of my favorite colors. My living area is done in those color with shades of brown included. A little simple minded this a.m. as I recover from a week of keeping the grands, but your title of this post Simply Succulent might double as a title for this kit as well.