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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dora On Baywatch

Presenting the new improved Baywatch series starring Fedora von Messingsberg, the ultimate canine lifeguard. Watch with bated breath as Dora plunges valiantly into the North Sea with no thought for her own safety to rescue a precious cork toy. Admire her grace, brindle beauty and elegant doggy paddling swimming technique as she battles the elements to deliver it safely to the shore...

...where, in typical Dotty Dora style, she immediately begins to tear it apart!

(Sorry about the sound quality. This is the only camera I have that doesn´t mind being drenched by Dora shaking the North Sea from her fur.)


  1. I love watching Dora play in the water. She's SO happy! Glad you're back safely. :o)

  2. What a great video of Dora playing in the water! I hope you all had a fun get-away! :)

  3. Love getting to see Dora playing in the sea. No doubt about it, she loves the sea! So glad to have you back though it must have been hard to leave such a grand place...minus the sand in your shoes, clothes, on Dora...lol!

  4. Hurray for Dotty Dora! She's a star. Thanks for sharing her daring rescue. So glad you're both back with us though.

  5. Thanks for sharing Dora's adventures with us. Loved watching the video.