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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Doggy Paddling

All the interesting and creative artwork Deb´s been showing us on her blog recently reminded me that I used to have far more time for drawing and painting. Unfortunately, most of my work was either sold or given away and I kept no record of it. Some of it though was done solely for myself. I created this one after the death of Cara, one of Dora´s predecessors. It´s from a photo and shows her paddling with her Doberman friends in a small lake near where we live. I made two versions. This one is just a sketch.

The other is more detailed and realistic than most of my artwork because I wanted to capture Cara´s lovely brindle and the wonderful sheen on her doggy friends´ coats.

The only reason I could find these so easily was because they´re the only ones I´ve framed and they stand among my other boxer memorabilia in my workroom. I´ll need to hunt to find some of my other work which hasn´t seen the light of day for a long time. If I can´t find anything I may just follow Deb´s lead and create something new.

Thanks, Deb, for reminding me that there´s more to art than designing digital scrapbook kits.


  1. Oh Helen! Your painting and sketch of Cara and her friends are excellent! I've always known that you were phenomenally artistically talented from the work you have done on your digital scrapbook art kits, and you had talked about your art schooling... I am so glad you shared these paintings with us. I've been wondering how long it was going to take for "the painting bug" to bite you! I think your "bug" has been nibbling a bit! I hope that you do create something new and share it with us! Beautiful work! Get out your brushes girl!

  2. OMG That's a drawing?!?!?
    The first one reminds me of Rien Poortvliet, but the second one... Great Scot (Yes! Pun inteded LOL) that's awesome. However can you "forget" you can create such beauty?

    Keep painting my friend!

  3. Thank you both!
    Pauli, that´s a tremendous compliment. I only WISH I could paint like Rien Poortvliet. He´s always been one of my favourite artists. All his animal portraits are outstanding but there´s the most amazing group of boxer puppies here: http://www.mastino-napoletano.de/deutscher_boxer_sammelbilder.htm
    I´ve never seen that baby boxer expression captured more beautifully.

  4. That's a painting?? I looks like a photograph!! Holy cow. I'm humbled. Seriously, that's amazing.

  5. You already have comments that pretty much say it all. The first drawing is so lovely and the second such a wonderful memory captured. You certainly were creating wonderful images. I wonder if Deb won't stimulate us to explore a little more of our own.

  6. Previous comments say it all...amazing work. Now I have to say, Deb and Helen, all of your artist creations are null and void as for as sparking any artist creation of my own. There's no ability at all to tap into. Maybe that why I love digital scrapping...the computer can do all the creating for me!

    So have enjoyed seeing ya'll,s artist works.