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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh My Ears And Whiskers, How Late It´s Getting!

Uhoh. It looks as if Alice has decided on the daisy chain after all. Let´s hope she doesn´t get so engrossed in it that she fails to spot the white rabbit and misses out on her great adventure.

Click on image for a larger view

I created this page using the wild flower meadow background and a few embellishments from Nouveau Summer. Alice is my niece, Christiane, and the white rabbit is one of John Tenniel´s beautiful b & w illustrations recoloured.

Kit freebies coming soon.


  1. such a pretty page!
    Is the kit new, or am I horribly missing the boat?

  2. This is one of my early kits which I´ve featured at Lajuana´s request. Probably before your time at Deco-Pages, Pauli.

  3. What a magical page...perfect for more of your Alice and Wonderland story pages. Christiane is lovely and what a great job of blending this sweet pose into the page. Love it!

  4. Wonderful page, I bet Christiane will love it... and what a lovely "Alice" she makes! I agree with Laj! Definitely magical!

  5. I don't believe I remember this one, but it is lovely. All of your "Alice" pages are so charming, building from the original drawings. Of course your niece is quite an asset too!