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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Simply Serene

At Lajuana´s suggestion, I´d originally intended to name this new kit after the first page I posted using it. But, as is so often the case with my kits, it soon took on a life of its own and changed from being a kit you could sink your teeth into to something a little more brittle than juicy. I mean just imagine biting into the diamond glitter or that crunchy sapphire and you´ll see what I mean! Then I remembered a comment that Jean made about my succulent page, namely that it looked serene. So Jean, who said of herself, “I'm dreadful with naming, so have to leave that to others.” actually helped to name this kit.

Still, what´s in a name? Is it succulent or serene or something else entirely? Judge for yourself.

Click on images for larger previews


  1. Beautiful! The colors really ARE surene and I always love your bling, especially that sweet little clock. Great job Helen!

  2. Beautiful ... great serene colors! I love the papers and you know I love glitter and all the other bling! Love all the frames too! Fantastic new kit! Excellent job!

  3. I'm looking at some of the elegant details in this and think it is quite wonderful. Serene does seem to fit though it also subtly glows and looks so welcoming. Now if people could only put it in their shopping cart!

  4. Thanks everyone.
    Like all my new kits, this one will be for sale eventually.

  5. Serene is a good name, although, with the right pictures, it could be throwing quite a party! LOL

    Sorry, long day, little sleep. If you want to delete this, that's ok with me. Just wanted to let you know, I'm still around :-)

  6. Simply Serene is perfect...love the blues as blue definitely says serene to me. Wonderful papers in here and love all the bling especially the butterfly and dragon fly. The lace shown next to the butterfly so reminds me of one of the pieces of lace we used on Jennifer's wedding gown. I'm seeing a LO of her in that gown using this kit! Love it!