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Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Alien In My Living Room

Don´t ask me why but I seem to be attracted to strange, eccentric and even alien looking house plants, my Whoopi plant for example. Well, nothing could be more strange, eccentric and alien looking than this weird and wonderful example of exotic insect eating flora which caught my eye and called my name in a Dutch garden centre last week. I couldn´t resist it and it´s now taken up residence in my living room much to the horror of my more conventional plants. Well, the ferns and orchids and co will just have to get used to it because, like it or not, it´s here to stay.

I´m not so sure about me though.

There´s an old movie where alien pods drop from outer space, hide themselves in closets and under beds and gradually morph into copies of the unfortunate and unsuspecting householder who harbours them. If you don´t hear from me for a while or something vaguely plant-like suddenly appears on this blog masquerading as yours truly and offering you insects as freebies, assume the worst...

I created this page using the kit I´ve been working on recently. I´ll post the preview as soon as it´s finished...assuming of course that the alien doesn´t take over before then.


  1. What a cool plant! You need an aluminum foil hat to keep the aliens from getting you... you must mold a horn (like a unicorn) with the foil that sticks up about a foot and a half, and make sure that you use good quality foil, the really thick kind, the generic stuff just won't work! Also, I don't think the aliens like water, I think I saw that in a movie once... :) Great job on the extraction, and I love the glitter! You know how I love glitter! Looks like another great kit is in the works! :)

  2. I´m beginning to worry about you, Deb. I´m pretty sure that foil thing is deliberately misleading and is really intended to make me more of a target so the alien pods can zoom in on me more easily. If I could look under your bed I´m certain I´d see a shrivelled up Deb while her alien self is flashing around the Web searching for more victims and beaming up messages to the mother ship.

  3. Oh Wow...this is a very unique and gorgeous plant. Wonderful coloring. Have you seen it eating any flies or insects yet? Trying to imagine how large it is. Hard to tell if the photo is extremely closeup or if the plant is really large. Love the common names of monkey cup or pitcher plant...very fitting. Also love the glitter...looks like another great kit!

  4. The largest pitcher is about 7” long including its little cap. There are no flies in my house because I deal with them before the plant gets the chance to lure them in. They don´t need food to survive though if they have the right kind of earth to nourish them which they apparently don´t have in the wild.

  5. There isn't room under my bed for her... I mean me! Shriveled up or not! What... you mean you don't feed the plants the flies you catch? :)

    I watched this movie the other day called "Wanted" with Morgan Freeman in it. Anyway, the main character of the movie shoots the wings off some flies in a trash can... really a weird (and violent) movie, but the special effects were really something. I've been going to a local fitness center every day and walking about three miles on the tread-mill. I started watching the movie while I was doing my walk.

    Speaking of that, I am off to go do my walk and then go to grocery store. I hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. Oh no, aliens are after you and Deb both it seems. That plant is fabulous! Your framing and extraction look intricate and make it pop. Wow! If I didn't already know we're all a little bent I would be worrying about you and a penchant for plants like this. Are you sure Dora is safe from it? (and the aliens).

  7. I happily include myself in the "bent" category if it includes this group and if you don't mind the company!

    Love the plant. Didn't know they could get that big..... Didn't know they didn't need bugs, if the soil was good either LOL

    Kit looks interesting too, can't wait to see it.