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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dandegolds And Marilions

Deb´s recent tongue-in-cheek (I hope!) depiction of a marigold eating monster reminded me of my own personal marigold monster.

When we moved house a few years ago, one look at the garden was enough to tell me that if I couldn´t see down to the bottom of it without binoculars there was no way my back would bear up if I had to do the weeding. I had some reservations about delegating that task to Herbert who could just about tell the difference between a daffodil and a rose and only then with the help of a gardening book, so before entrusting the tools of destruction to him, I said, “DON´T PULL UP ANYTHING YOU CAN´T IDENTIFY!” and left him to it. Some time later I started to notice that the very minute my beloved marigolds began to bloom they mysteriously disappeared. I imagined a huge battalion of snails munching their way through them every night so I liberally sprinkled snail pellets around those that remained. And still they diminished. Then, by sheer chance I happened to look in the compost bin one day and was horrified to find a sad wilting heap of marigolds right on top. Confronted with the evidence, the Marigold Murderer looked shocked, shifty and uncertain then rallied quickly and said it must have been Dora. Now, Dora as a puppy was a keen little gardener but she was never quite clever enough to hide the results of her work in any compost bin and she certainly never left anything with its roots still attached. The MM´s second line of defence was to insist that he´d never ever weeded out anything he couldn´t identify and that even he knew a dandelion when he saw one. AHA! Case for the prosecution solved but not quite closed...Time passed and just as the MM thought that all was forgiven and forgotten he received this birthday card.

Click image for a larger view

Would you believe he had the brass neck to actually find it amusing? Even the fact that I´d added years to him by depicting him as a crazed and leering demented senile senior citizen didn´t bother him at all and he even hung it triumphantly inside the door of the garden shed as if it had been his finest hour! I wonder what it would take to make him feel humbled and guilty.


This page maybe?


  1. Uh oh! indeed. Maybe if we gang up on him so you can show him your legion of supporters? The marigolds looked so beautiful too. I'm afraid he may be of the "boys will be boys" school for those who think they're too cute to be seriously in trouble. Your senior-citizen-ization was still too cute. Put a couple more decades on him and then see! You know I love this kit and you've put such nice personality to the critters!

  2. Poor Dora! Herbert should be ashamed of himself for blaming poor innocent Dora! I think Herbert needs to bring you some replacement plants and maybe some chocolate would help? AND a new ball for Dora... poor Dora! ;)

  3. Too funny...I recall the story but didn't remember there being such a funny Birthday Card! LOVE IT! Brought a much needed smile to my face!
    Early spring before the drought began, Tony mowed the lawn for the one and only time this year. There was a sunflower that had come up in the area to be mowed. Much to Tony's dismay, I dug it up and transplanted it into my flower bed. He, as a childhood farmer and most farmers today consider them weeds as they can cause havoc in a field if they ever get started growing there. My sunflower bloomed the other day and so far is the only one on our 32 acres to survive...not causing havoc, just a smile to my face!

  4. Too funny. Would be something Mike would do too :-)
    He still, to this day, tells me the best way to trim a rosebush is with a flamethrower! LOL
    And I don't think there is ANYthing you can do that would make this NOT a great story in MM's head either.......

  5. Thanks for showing solidarity, ladies.
    I think what we regard as weeds is a regional thing. Here in Germany a local farmer sells sunflowers to tourists whereas in Scotland rhododendrons are regarded as weeds. As for dandelions, I think the flowers are quite pretty and if they were rare I´d probably cherish them just like my marigolds.