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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Machetes And Music

If I´ve been MIA for a while it´s because for the past week or so I´ve been hacking a path with my machete through the tangled undergrowth from the bottom of my garden to the house. Well, maybe that´s a slight exaggeration though it felt like it at the time. I´ve actually been taking advantage of a spell of bright autumn weather by trimming and pruning all the climbing plants which got madly out of control during the summer. The wild hops were the worst offenders. They´re very sociable plants and had visited all their more reserved and cultivated cousins like the clematis and the honeysuckle and had outstayed their welcome just about everywhere they went. Even the grapevine which lives some distance away wasn´t safe from them. Everyone, including me, was relieved once I´d cut them down to size. They won´t be encroaching on anyone´s territory again until next spring. It looks as if I won´t either as I managed to pull a muscle while trying to disentangle a particularly stubborn shoot just beyond my reach and I´ll probably spend most of my time indoors until I can move again without wincing.

With all that gardening activity I haven´t had the time or the inclination to sort out more than a few of the photos I took in Glasgow in September. One particularly memorable day I spent with my friend, Eileen, in the Kelvingrove Art Galleries, one of my favourite haunts. The building alone is a wonderful example of Victorian architecture, both outside....

...and inside.

This is a view of the minstrels´ gallery.

Every afternoon at 1 o’clock an organ recital is held there. It´s hard to imagine the grandeur of the occasion but this - ever so slightly embellished - page may at least give you an impression of the magnificence and scale of the minstrels´gallery.

I found this video at You Tube. It doesn´t do the music the justice it deserves – it´s something you have to hear live - but it does at least give an indication of the splendour of the main reception hall and I´m sure your imagination will fill in the gaps.


  1. Well, I see I was right to worry about you, now that you've gone and pulled a muscle! Almost a year ago I did something to my right arm, but I think it was more than just a pulled muscle, because I still have no strength in my arm, and it hurts to do almost anything with pressure. I hope your injury is quick to mend. The Kelvingrove Art Galleries is beautiful! I will have to look it up and learn more about it. I did watch the video you linked to. Your photos are fabulous! I am going to have to learn more about this beautiful place.

  2. Oh my goodness...your descriptive words of splendour and magnificence says it all. I opened your link and listened as I viewed these awesome photos. Would love to be able to see this in person as I'm sure real life is even more grandiose than the photos from the sheer size of the buildings. The minstrels´ gallery seems to be straight from several of your kits color palette and decor elements. Though it is good to have you back, I know your trip must have been wonderful!

  3. Your injury and the hops vine both got my attention. I do hope you feel better soon. Hope Dora is being adoring while you mend. But the hops vine reminds me that some butterfly fanciers grow it just to attract butterflies (of a certain type I believe) and I wonder if it appeals to any in your area.
    But the Kelvingrove is also fascinating. I love the majesty of the outdoor view you shared. I too took in the video and imagine it as the splendor you mention.
    Looking forward to your recovery and further photos from Scotland.

  4. Jean, I´ve never seen a single butterfly on my hops. Maybe it´s only the flowers of the female hops that appeal to them. Unfortunately, mine are all male plants.

  5. The outside picture (as well as the inside one) is wonderful. Did you see that sky a lot while you were home? Hope it stayed mainly dry, but I remember when we backpacked thru England, that we didn't dry out for the full 3 weeks, and loved every minute of it!

    Sorry to hear of your muscle-pull..... Hope you heal soon. Cold weather is coming, and hurting AND freezing is no fun at all ;-)

    I too am looking forward to more pictures of Scotland. Did you do any genealogy while there? (Still haven't gotten down the road to do mine)

  6. Thanks, everyone.
    Pauli, that outside photo was taken a few years ago on a dull day. On this year´s visit it was so warm and sunny we sat outside on the steps drinking coffee for an hour before we went inside. In fact it was mostly good weather the entire 2 weeks.

  7. Your photos are always so stunning and perfectly cropped. You could shoot for National Geographic. :o)