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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Time Warp AGAIN!

Well, I´m back and I had a really great trip – I´ll post some pics sometime to prove it - though memories of sublime Scotland have been superseded by the ridiculous, outrageous and thoroughly entertaining madness of the

Since we last saw it in 2009 both the choreography and most of the cast have changed but I´m glad to say that Rob Fowler is still playing the part of Frank N Furter as magnificently as ever. Here´s a video of his 2009 performance of Sweet Transvestite which I downloaded from You Tube. You´ll have to excuse the quality. I´ve never even attempted to make a video of the show myself but I can imagine how difficult it must be. Still, even the most professional video couldn´t begin to compare with the atmosphere of the live show.

This is a collage (more HERE ) I put together using images from the new version of the show we saw at the weekend. It includes cry-baby Columbia, test tube Rocky, the larger than life Frank N Furter and the completely out of their depth Brad and Janet. The most difficult part of this was literally giving Rocky a hand, his right hand to be exact, which in the original photo was hidden behind a curtain. Either that or Frank N Furter designed a man with a missing part...but we won´t go into that!

Click on image to enlarge

And finally, no performance of The Rocky Horror Show would be complete without its most famous number so let´s turn the music up deafeningly loud, get on those ripped fishnet stockings and do The Time Warp again.


  1. I'm glad to hear that you had a good time on your visit to Scotland. I've missed you. I look forward to seeing the photos you took... sounds like you had a great time at the Rocky Horror Picture Show... Great Collage! :)

  2. Welcome back...so glad you trip was a good one! Looking forward to some awesome photos and LOs. Wow, the Rocky Horror Show must have been amazing to see...lots of energy on the stage. Our internet service was down all day yesterday and on into the night. Glad to see it back this a.m. However, I did get lots of housecleaning done...LOL!

  3. So glad you're back! Looking forward to a glimpse of your Scotland. But the ugly truth must come out. While a neighborhood theater showed the Rocky Horror movie at midnight on Saturdays for many years, I never saw it and have no idea who these people are or what it was all about. I will have to come back and see what I can learn. The collage is quite impressive. Glad you got to enjoy it again.

  4. What a confession, Jean! I suggest you get the DVD of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. After you´ve seen that you´ll definitely want to see the live show too.