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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Not Quite A New Woman

Well, I´m home again having spent three weeks in the orthopaedic clinic, not quite a new woman yet but gradually getting there. The treatment I received included, among others, hot baths with an electric current flowing through them, laser therapy and, most importantly, “Sklerosierung” (sorry, no translation available) which entails a course of glucose injections directly into the spinal ligaments causing them to become inflamed and eventually to tighten them in order to stabilise the spinal column. All this may sound horrific but it really isn´t. Well, the “Sklerosierung” procedure isn´t something to which I´d subject myself willingly if I didn´t know from experience that it would actually work. In fact it´s still working in that the inflammation has set in but the entire process won´t take effect for several weeks. In the meantime I have to take it easy and, believe me, that is not difficult under the present circumstances! 

The clinic stands close to a small lake in a public park where I used to take a walk most days, especially at the beginning when the weather was warm and sunny. Later it became cold and frosty and one memorable morning I awoke to a white winter landscape. Here are just a few of the many photos I took during those three long weeks.

We put our clocks forward last night but when I look out of the window at my snow covered garden I can only wish that the season had advanced accordingly. Still, this 3D card I made for a nature-loving friend reminds me that, to misquote Shelley´s Ode To The West Wind, If Easter comes can Spring be far behind? 


  1. So wonderful to see you on-line again. I know that your treatments aren't fun and games, but I am so glad that you were able to get some help and relief with more on the way. Beautiful spring days are coming too... we just have to be patient. Happy Easter my friend! :)

  2. Love the pictures of the park especially the snow-covered Easter egg and your star goose. :o) Hope you're feeling better every single day!

  3. So nice that you were able to go outdoors at least during part of your stay. Your weather there seems much like our Texas weather lately. Highs in the 80s for several days and then 40s. Awesome collage of photos...love the two photos that captured the reflections in ponds. Sending additional thoughts and prayers your way for each day to bring you closer to a complete recovery.

  4. You're back!
    Just chiming in with all the good thoughts :-) Before you know it, you'll be walking on the beach, pain free! As for spring.... I'm hoping, but not holding my breath..... It snowed last night!

  5. Yah! hopefully trhe worst is over, get well soon, you have to be able to enjoy your northern summer.