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Friday, February 22, 2013

Longing For Spring

It´s been a long winter and it isn´t over yet. Yesterday it snowed again and it could well snow today too. I´m feeling depressed and Dora´s got cabin fever. Most of Dora´s antics take place outside in the garden. Running around the living room carrying 3 balls in her mouth is fun but it´s not the same as chasing them and scooping them up from the lawn. As for keeping fit, walks are fine and so is running around with her friends but there´s nothing like a real workout on grass. Still, spring is just around the corner and there are usually a few sunny days in March which provide the ideal opportunity for making a start on her keep fit regime which continues regularly until late autumn. Here are some typical doggy aerobic exercises framed by the Doggy Treats freebie QP...though no frame can contain Dora.
I´ll be sunning myself on the patio when she suddenly appears around the corner of the house and heads purposefully towards the lawn as if she´s late for an important appointment. Halfway down she stops suddenly and throws herself onto her back, legs going like pistons and jowls flapping. This is one of her few activities which doesn´t need my involvement but this spring I may surprise her. 

I finally have a date for entering the orthopaedic clinic and will be off next week. I can´t tell you how relieved I am as I know from experience that the treatment there will put me back on my feet again. I may even join Dora in trying to flatten the daisies on the lawn.

I´ll be back in a few weeks. Wish me luck!


  1. I'm going to miss you while you're gone. Heal quickly and when you get back there will be new blooms in your beautiful garden. :o)

  2. So happy to hear relief for you is just around the corner... We will be thinking of you. :)

  3. Can only imagine how relieved you'll be to get the treatment you need. We'll be waiting for your return along with spring's. Be sure Dora gets a picture of you joining in her antics when it comes! Best to you in the meantime.

  4. So glad to hear to good news...will continue keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. So thankful the long awaited relief from your pain is soon to come. I'm like Jean...I'll be waiting for those pics of you joining in Dora's antics. Quite sure your treatment will make them possible