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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Home Again

Dora got back home in the late afternoon yesterday looking dazed and confused but struggling gamely to walk without help. It was a warm day and I´d already laid out her rug on her favourite spot on the path to the garden and she headed straight for it and lay down. As you can see from the photo she looked as if she´d borrowed half of Santa´s trousers and I didn´t know whether to laugh or cry.
She had that look on her face which means she feels hard done by and she knows exactly who to blame for it. It´s always directed at me, never at Herbert, and it always makes me feel guilty. Of course that could just mean indignation at having a camera shoved in her face when she feels she looks slightly ridiculous and can´t do anything about it. We let her lie outside for a while so that she´d know her beloved garden was still there and then Herbert carried her indoors where she stretched out and instantly fell asleep. When I got up early this morning she was lying in front of the bedroom door and started wagging her tail as soon as she saw me so at least I knew she wasn´t feeling as bad as I´d feared and had also forgiven me. Dora´s never been one to hold grudges. When I went into the kitchen I saw that at some time after I´d gone to bed she´d eaten her dinner and that made me really happy. Dora´s not a greedy dog and doesn´t eat if she´s feeling unwell so that was a good sign.
She´ll have to keep Santa´s trousers on for the next 6 weeks and have the bandage changed every second day then her leg will be X rayed by which time she´ll hopefully be back to her old self. I think I´ll only be convinced of that when she starts doing her daily doggy aerobics on the lawn. Then I´ll know that all´s right with her world again.
Get well soon, Dora.


  1. Oh my....I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry either. What a "I so not happy with this situation" look! Glad to hear Dora is eating and wagging her tail. All good signs she's on the mend. Hang in there, Dora! Helen and Herbert, too!

  2. Poor puppy! It will be worth it. I'm sure it's much harder on Mom and Dad then it is on her. :)

  3. So glad the ops over, love her Santa look. I'm sure your feeling it more than Dora, she will be lapping up the attention.

  4. Poor sweet Dora! I remember us feeling that Clyde would never be the same happy dog after his back surgery but day by day he healed and eventually was running around and carrying on like nothing had ever happened. I have every confidence that Dora will do the same and before long, she'll be running around her garden with three balls in her mouth waiting for her picture to be taken and scrapped. :o) We're keeping all three of you in our thoughts! Hugs