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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rolling For Joy

I said recently that when Dora started doing her daily doggy aerobics on the lawn again I´d know that all was right with her world. No sooner said than done. On Sunday, just 4 days after her operation, to prove to me that she was feeling well and happy she trotted purposefully towards the lawn as if she had an urgent appointment and then threw herself down and started rolling ecstatically among the daisies.
By this time her Santa trousers had already been reduced to just half a leg after they´d started sliding down spewing cotton wool at every step and gathering in folds around her thigh. Herbert cut part of them off and hoped that the next ones would remain intact.

Yesterday when he took her back to have her bandage changed the vet was astonished by the fact that she was already walking on all 4 legs. Herbert told him that she only uses 3 legs when she runs. The very thought of any dog actually running 5 days after such a serious op astonished him even more. When he examined the wound on Dora´s knee he said he´d never known a dog to heal so quickly and that she was quite remarkable. Well, that doesn´t surprise us as we´ve always known that Dora was remarkable.
When Herbert brought her home I was amused to see that her disreputable looking Santa trousers had been replaced by something that looks very like the Scottish Saltire.
After another couple of aerobic sessions that pristine white will be dingy grey but I won´t mind her abusing my national flag in such a good cause. I´m just so relieved that she´s already back to her old happy self.


  1. AWESOME!!! So glad to see her like this.

  2. Good news! I'm so happy for all of you! She does look much better in blue... red just isn't her color. ;)

  3. This is such great news and it's so awesome to see her rolling around in the grass. That always amuses me to see animals do that... it's a doggy happy dance. We see horses do it once in a while which is quite a sight too. ha! We all know how exceptional Dora is so it's no surprise that she's astonishing her doctor. Way to go Dora!

  4. How wonderful to see Dora doing so well. Such a blessing for Mom and Dad, I'm sure. Time passes so fast these days, she will not only be her ole self again, Dora will be her new and improved self.

  5. I've missed all Dora's drama till now and am stunned by all the three of you have been through! So happy to see Dora being, well, Dora!!