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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Of all the rose bushes in my garden the white tea rose bush is my favourite. Not because it´s prettier. It isn´t. And not because it smells more fragrant. It doesn´t. What it does have which sets it apart from all the others is its remarkable ability to change the colour of its flowers. Sometimes it produces a white rose with just one scarlet petal. Sometimes it daubs red over several roses and occasionally it goes all out to astonish me by producing a whole cluster of red roses. It´s so quirky it reminds me irresistibly of the scene in the Red Queen´s garden in Alice In Wonderland where her gardeners are hastily painting all the white roses red and are caught literally red-handed by that ferocious monarch bellowing, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" See for yourself...(I promise I´ve recoloured nothing apart from taking liberties with Tenniel´s wonderful black and white illustrations.)

Click on the image for a larger view of my quirky roses.

I´ve used one of the freebies from Heart Of Gold for this page. The quick page with its bouquet of roses and jewelled heart-shaped frames seemed ideally suited to display not only my whimsical rose bush but also the equally whimsical drawings from my vintage copy of Alice In Wonderland.

If you´d like the QP, you´ll find it HERE.


  1. Wowzers! Those are WHITE roses? I'da thought you were trying to pull an April Fools joke on us! I LOVE your page! It is so creative and artistic! I love the way you used the vintage illustrations from your copy of Alice in Wonderland on this page! What a fantastic page! Did I mention that I LOVE it! :)

  2. You and your unique rose bush have both contributed wonderful creativity for this! Can I say, "Me too!" as I totally love this just like Deb. The vintage illustrations are outstandingly used. Thanks for sharing this unusual look and humor.

  3. What a amazing rose bush you have and it is so full of blooms. You must anticipate the opening of each bud to see whether it is red, white, or both! Love the touches of Alice and Wonderland you have so added to the QP...fun application. I saw Alice and Wonderland on the kids channel the other day and this reminds me that I forgot to set the dvd to record it. I don't think Avery has seen it! I'll keep watching as they sometimes come on again. I'm off to post my version of this wonderful QP showing my 3 little jewels.