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Monday, March 28, 2011

Nature Notes

Here´s the finished - maybe - grungy kit I´ve been working on recently. I say "maybe" because there´s always a temptation to keep adding on bits. It´s pretty big already with 70 items consisting of 17 backgrounds, 10 frames and 43 embellishments, none of which is a recoloured duplicate. As I mentioned in an earlier post, because the hands of the clock and also the seasons are in separate files, the time and/or season can be changed to suit any layout. There´s also a grungy floral caps alpha which I´ve added just for fun. So perhaps "maybe" ought to be "definitely" and I´ll keep all the other bits and pieces for an add on later.

As for the name, I was tempted to call it Pretty Grungy just because it goes so well with my Pretty Shabby kit but there are so many nature elements in it I think Nature Notes is probably better and Pretty Grungy can keep for another time. On the other hand, if anything more appropriate occurs to me I may change it to something else. Hmmm. What I need isn´t another name for the kit. What I really need is someone to slap my wrist, give me a good shake and say, "For goodness sake, stop dithering." Anyway, Nature Notes or not, here it is. I hope you´ll like it.

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  1. This is officially my favorite of all your kits. The colors are so me!! Big Dog will have to settle for being my 2nd favorite kit now. :o)

  2. Like it? I positively love it! So, STOP! don't add any more and keep the name Nature Notes. OK? Is that the wrist slap requested? This is so wonderful and I know everyone will think so. Your previews are so inviting and we already were enthused over your layouts using it along the way.

  3. Fantastic! I love it! You are SO talented! Every time you put out a new kit, I think, she can't outdo this... but then you turn around and outdo it! Love everything about this kit! It turned out great! :)

  4. Wow...what more can I say than what's been said. Very unique kit...seeing a new side of Retro Designs. For someone who doesn't like brown and green, this turned out great! I'm eying the fantastic patterns of the papers under all the delightful birds, swirls, and fun elements. It will be fun to get a closeup look at everything!

  5. LOVE the kit! And I agree. Don't change the name!
    Especially love the "season clock"