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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It´s that time of year again when the sun shining into my living room is strong enough to show the faint patina of dust on the treasures in my china cabinet.... and could that shadow in the corner be a cobweb? But before I tackle those tedious tasks I thought I´d rather give my virtual living room a little spring cleaning....
That didn´t take long but after I´d dusted off the marble bust, the photo album and the picture frame and set a vase of roses on the table - yes, I know they´re out of season but you can have anything you like in a virtual room - I thought I´d invite a guest to tea and who better than my elegant aunt who looks so at home on the couch that this room could have been designed especially for her. (I have actually designed an entire room for her which you can see HERE.)
This time I´ve used backgrounds and elements from the third and - so far - final part of the Shabby Chic Rooms series which you´ll find HERE along with a little gift or two.
Off now to put the kettle on. Mustn´t keep my visitor waiting for her tea...


  1. Wow.. it looks like your aunt really is sitting on the couch! Everything looks spic and span. You did a great job of cleaning. Now will you come and do my house? :o)

  2. Oh my goodness...look at your lovely new room. I love it! And to think, I still haven't taken down my Christmas tree...LOL! That doll house is "guilting" me big time. I have a very similar doll house in my attic that is in need of a few repairs. Can't believe it's in the attic when I have all these little granddaughters. Well, it is now on the "TO DO" list behind many other projects! I am so pleased with your background...you did great! What a rewarding surprise!

  3. Wonderful job of spring cleaning! Your great aunt looks smashing as always and all the other bits looks so inviting. I'm with Diane though, can you do my house next?

  4. wow, love the new look! Beautiful job! What kind of tea are we having? Sweet I hope! :)