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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time To Play

Dora doesn´t need a clock to tell her what time it is. There´s only one time of day for her and that´s play time. Even dinner time can´t compete though it might if she could eat her dinner without dropping her toys. Now that spring is here she´s happy to be let out again into her beloved garden where she has space to play her favourite games, most of which need my cooperation. Chase-me-round-the-rhododendron was the first one she ever taught me. The rules are simple enough for even a human to understand. I have to chase her around it until I get dizzy which I always do or else I actually catch her which hasn´t happened yet. She has others but the three-ball-game is her favourite. It´s pretty simple too. I throw three balls, Dora chases them, scoops them up and brings them back. I´ve tried to vary this game by throwing only two but Dora can count to three and always waits patiently until I notice that I still have one in my hand. This is one game she never tires of and neither do I as it always brings a smile to my face to watch her bounding towards me with her cheeks bulging on either side.

The kit I´ve been working on recently is almost finished and I´ll post the previews soon. There are over 40 embellishments in it but the clock with the optional hands/seasons is still my favourite. I´m also fond of the various birds and I´ve used one here. Well, Dora herself is a little cuckoo after all!


  1. Oh my, I can't stop laughing! Thanks, Dora, for your winning ways. Oh, you too, Helen, for sharing her. Love the "clock" here and you know I'll love the birds.
    That chase game is a big favorite of other animals too. We had an indoor cat that taught Dick to chase him up and down our stairs, especially fun as the lower half of the staircase goes two ways.

  2. Your descriptions of the rules of the games cracked me up. I'm always amazed at the photos of Dora with three balls in her mouth...how fun that she's can count to three and knows when you short her one ball to chase! I loving this kit...great plaid shown here and those brown elements are great with Dora shiny coat she's wearing. Between this kit, play time, and gardening, you have been one busy lady!

  3. Oh Dora is so precious! What a great photo of her at playtime. I love this new kit, love the cardboard elements, and that paper is fab! Really nice kit! I can't wait to see the rest of it! Couple more days of work, and then I might have a little play time of my own! Ha! Fat chance! Oh, speaking of gardens, I bought a box of wild flowers seeds for Jeff to plant in the back yard for me once the threat of frost is over. I figured since I will be working at home this summer, it will be nice to see a little color in the back yard when I take my breaks.

  4. Thanks for the smile!
    Hope Dora is not shooting for 4 balls.... she won't have room...
    Can't wait to see the new kit. Love the clock :-)

  5. I am loving this kit, don't know if it is because I have been using muted colours lately, but I cannot wait to see the full kit