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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dora Gets The Bird...Or Vice Versa!

"to get the bird"
a) to be fired or dismissed
b) (esp. of a public performer) to be hissed at, booed or derided

We drove over the Dutch border yesterday to buy some plants in a garden centre in Venlo. On the way in, a little pottery bird tracked us with its motion sensor and twittered at us in such a friendly way I simply had to buy one. When we got home, while Dora was out with my husband, I put batteries into it and set it at the front door next to some spring flowers. Later I heard the front door open with a resounding crash and Dora burst in frantically as if she had a wasp under her skirt and headed straight for the safety of her bed. Apparently the bird´s friendly greeting had startled her so much that she´d dropped her ball and bolted into the house through the half open door.
This morning I watched with amusement when a little ginger cat strolling casually past the door shot off like a rocket when the bird said good morning. Of course, being a cat, it had to come back to inspect the twittering monster by which time I´d got my camera pointed at the glass door.

It´s now 10 am and the postman is due. Let´s hope he´s more like the cat and less like our dog or I´ll be collecting my mail from the PO in future...


  1. That's hilarious!! Poor Dora. She's probably going to need therapy. ha! Has she been back out to see what it was that accosted her?

  2. Dora´s recovered from the shock and now approaches the door with some caution and a withering sideways look at the twittering menace!

  3. I love it! The bird must be charming and Dora is such a trip. Being a cat fancier (at least if they're safely indoors!) I like the ginger cat's take on how to handle it. Lovely bits that must be from your new kit.

  4. Sounds like the bird came out on top and it appears Dora isn't too happy with your telling what a "scary cat" she was. Maybe like the cat, curiosity will send her back to check out that twittering bird and she will be a little braver! Agree with Jean...lovely little bits you used and your page definitely brought a needed smile to my face. Looking forward to see the whole kit when done!

  5. This is so funny! Poor Dora (and the car) got an April Fool's joke a bit early! Wonderful pages to remember the prank! :)

  6. TOO funny! Would have loved to see the look on Dora's face! Obviously she's not a "hunting dog" LOL
    The cat didn't do much better..... maybe time for a movement activated camera, with HIGH shutter speed!

  7. Very funny, I also would have loved to seeDora's reaction. We have been to a wild park zoo where there is a sound sensor by the side of a footpath leading to the lions. Some very funny reactions can bee seen as people pass by and hear a lion roar in the grass near them.