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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Paisley Doodles

All the doodling that´s been going on around the blogs lately, initiated by Deb and continued by Jean, reminded me that I used to do quite a bit of doodling myself a while ago. Not in pen and ink and not on paper but in embroidery thread and on canvas. It wasn´t random doodling but was restricted to variations on the Paisley pattern. I didn´t exactly make it up as I went along but drew out rough guides to follow – or not as the mood took me – as you can see from the main photo, well, scan actually. That one is in cross stitch and is unfinished and still without the backstitched details but the one on the left hand page of the book is a part of an embroidered cushion I completed.

I created this page using Pretty Shabby which includes its own little Paisley doodle. For those of you who missed the freebies first time around, I´ll be posting them before I leave for Scotland later this month. One of my friends lives in Paisley. Maybe I´ll drop by and get enough inspiration from the town the pattern was named after to actually complete my picture.


  1. Your embroidery Paisley patterns are so wonderful! I have such a hard time threading needles any more... I don't think I could do a cross stitch without getting some new glasses! I love the page you created with your Pretty Shabby kit! I hope you have a great time in Scotland!

  2. You did some delightful doodling with your paisley designs! My first thought after admiring them was that I wouldn't have the patience anymore, but then, my doodles are pretty time consuming too, so who knows. Do you think you might ever complete these? Love the kit used for the page. Hope we'll see photos from Paisley? Have a great trip.

  3. Between my eyes and having the attention span of a gnat.... I don't think I could do this anymore..... Used to cross-stitch christmas stockings and cottages. Never thought about just stitching a pattern, but I must say they came out beautifully. Love the page you made with it.
    Enjoy your trip, and don't forget the camera :-) We want pictures when you get back!! (You think Dora will keep up the blog for you when you're not home? LOL)

  4. The mind boggles at the thought of Dora let loose in here! On 2nd thoughts she might just curl up in front of the fire and snooze until I get back...

  5. Ohhh...I commented here a few days ago but not see it? Maybe I forgot to hit submit. I love anything paisley and your paisley doodles are wonderful. I have a cross stitch project I started 14 years ago for my daughter's first wedding anniversary. Maybe we should challenge each other to get these finished in the next year. It would be nice to have mine done by her 15th anniversary...LOL! I'm thinking Dora might be content to curl up in front of the fire rather than man the computer posting while gone. Have a nice trip!