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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Capturing Spring

Here on the Dutch/German border the temperature is gradually rising, the frost and snow have gone and the evenings are drawing out. For each of us the signs of reawakening life are different. For Wordsworth it was the sight of "a host of golden daffodils". For me it´s a pool of white snowdrops. This is snowdrop country and they´ve suddenly sprung up everywhere, in their hundreds in my garden and in their hundreds of thousands in the surrounding countryside. They lie in little puddles under trees among last year´s dead leaves and in large lakes in grassy fields and along the river bank and to me they´re the harbinger of my favourite season. For me summer here is too hot and humid, Autumn the sad dying back before the icy chill of Winter but Spring is a fresh green time of new beginnings and I wish I could capture and keep it.

(click for a larger view)

If you´d like the floral gold and glass frame I´ve used to capture my snowdrops, you´ll find it HERE


  1. You've created such a lovely image of the burgeoning bloom of snowdrops coming up through the beautiful frame. While outside today I photographed some fallen icicles and a few green shoots of daffodils and an iris. So our snowdrops haven't risen yet (my sister's were still snow-covered yesterday) but SOON!

  2. Took a minute to spot the gorgeous frame...was so intrigued with the lovely white drops of snow white blooms. This is a first for me to see snowdrops. Nice effect using the colored photo in the background...beautiful shades of green.

    Maybe I should walk around outside...we have had 70s the past few days. I may find spring trying to pop out here as well!

  3. Oh, your snowdrops are so pretty! We've still got quite a bit of snow left on the grass and areas that don't get plowed or snow-blown. I think Jeff must have aimed the snowblower over the area where my early spring flowers are, because there is still a good foot of snow covering that area. But I can see a few patches of grass in the front yard. But that must be where Jeff walked when he was raking the snow off the roof. I love your photo and the way your scrapbook page came out! Beautiful!