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Monday, December 5, 2011

A Christmas Carol

I´ve got to tell you about a coincidence which inspired me to create another Christmas kit, something that I hadn´t even considered doing. A couple of nights ago I was suffering from one of my periodic bouts of insomnia and 4 am found me sitting in my workroom sorting through my Christmas cross stitch pictures looking for something to scrap using Noel Nouveau. One of carol singers gave me pause for thought as it suddenly reminded me of a group of three little girls who somehow didn´t manage to charm their way into the kit. As is usual with me, one thing led to another and that picture and the background I made for my recent angels freebie were the basis of an add on kit for Noel Nouveau.

The double frame you can see in my layout I´ve had for quite a while though only in b & w. A vintage gold effect seemed to be called for and when I turned it around and laid it on its side it also accommodated the two smaller companion pieces. I find it amusing that the carol singer on the far left seems to be tilting his head to avoid having it covered by the swirl on that frame. A further coincidence? After that I really felt I was meant to create a kit around that picture and even name the kit after it. No prizes for guessing what I´m going to call it!

Yes, I know I haven´t yet shown the previews of the kit I was working on recently but there´s a reason for that which I won´t divulge just now. Anyway, you´re probably wondering what´s the point in having 5 brand new unreleased kits so I´ll at least tell you that they may all soon be available for sale. I´m just not sure exactly when but you´ll be the first to know so, if you´re interested, watch this space...


  1. Beautiful layout and the frame is fantastic. I love the way the colors of the carolers pop against the black. Anxious to see the rest!

  2. Love that background and those adorable caroling, vintage children. Looks like some of their sheet music blew away...and the little cardinal seems to be enjoying all of the music. Glad you couldn't sleep...look what we have to look forward to along with what we are already seeing here!

  3. It's hard to turn off the brain when all that creativity is running through it. Wonderful stuff Helen! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the kit. :)

  4. What great news and great views! How exciting to know your new kits will soon be available. The red bird, of course, immediately called out to me but the little cuties, that frame and certainly the dark background are all wonderful and charming together. Interesting serendipity with the tilted head and curlicue. This is altogether too much positive reinforcement of your insomnia.

  5. Thanks for your encouragement, everyone. It´s much appreciated. I really ought to thank Blogger too for the entirely black background it provides for the larger view. It makes my page look so much better than the worn cracked yellow in my blog!