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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not So Shabby

You may have noticed that my room is looking more chic than shabby at present. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true of me. I went to bed last night with a scratchy throat and a dry cough which by the wee small hours had developed into a full-blown cold complete with stuffed up nose and aching joints. I got up and wandered about the house for a while groaning and rattling my chains like the ghost of Christmas future then decided to brighten my spirits by brightening my room. It´s now a sort of pre-preview of my latest kit, A Christmas Carol. I´m pleased with its new festive look and I think the doll is too, especially now that she has some company. I´m sure the angel will read her to sleep at night, the robin will wake her in the morning with his song and I think she´ll have to move over soon to make room for the little girl when she arrives with presents to fill her Christmas stocking.

I´m beginning to babble so I´m off back to bed to catch up on my 8 hours of which, so far, I´ve only had about 40 minutes. Hope to be back soon with more previews of A Christmas Carol.


  1. OMG...this is absolutely wonderful! You have been one busy lady. First your house is already decorated and now your blog room. A great sneak peek at all the goodies in A Christmas Carol. I can't decided what I love the most...I'll look at it again after I get some sleep. Have yet to make it to bed and it's the wee hours of the morning!

  2. Love the holiday look! Once again the colors are popping against the awesome snowy night sky. I swear you have the best bling on the digiscrap net. Sorry to hear you have a cold. Try to rest and make Dora bring you chicken soup. :o) Get well!

  3. Thank you both.
    Glad you like the bling, Diane. You know me. A kit without bling is like a day without sunshine! I feel better already. I had to laugh at the very thought of Dotty Dora bringing me chicken soup! I doubt if it would survive the trip - probably literally - from the kitchen...

  4. Sorry to hear you are under the weather... I hope you feel better soon. Love the changes you have made to your blog... everything is so pretty! Makes me feel almost festive... bah, humbug! LOL! I've only purchased one gift for Christmas so far, I just can't get into the spirit yet... But I have been listening to Christmas Music, which always puts me in a good mood. I hope that no ghosts of Christmas future come to visit me... ;)

  5. Love your holiday look and you KNOW I love the bird part of the page. Hope you feel better real soon so you can enjoy all your early preparations. Dick and I are going gift shopping shortly, so we'd better be in the mood. (He likes that bird too.)