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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coincidence of the Carolling Cats Christmas Card

Those of you who´ve read my earlier post, A Christmas Carol, may remember how I said that my new kit of the same name was triggered off by the cross stitch picture of carol singers I showed you. Well, it seems that the trail of coincidences keeps right on going...

...A couple of days ago I received a charming Christmas card from my cousin´s son, Michael, and was quite amazed by the motif on it which depicted a room full of carolling kitties grouped round a piano complete with a sheet of music. Not only was the subject reminiscent of my new kit and the picture which inspired it but even the night sky glimpsed through the window reminded me irresistibly of one of the background papers included in the kit. As you can imagine, I felt as if I just had to drop everything and create a layout from it. Here it is.

Thank you, Michael, for unwittingly adding to this strange story with The Coincidence Of The Carolling Cats Christmas Card.


  1. What a wonderful Christmas card, and it really does go well with your new digital scrapbooking kit, a Christmas Carol! I have to say I am glad I don't have as many cats as are depicted in the card you received from your cousin! We only have one cat, and when she starts "caroling" first thing in the morning, I am not too happy with her... especially when I have not had any coffee yet... I can't imagine having a whole choir of cats singing!

  2. The cats are having such a good time and it seems their music is being enjoyed by even the angels along with the carolers and the lovely girl bearing gifts. How nice that the cardinals are holding the sheet music for the cats...love this! Gotta wonder what Dora thinks about this card! Right now I have 3 cats...a stray,Fat Cat who loves for you to pet him but is just now after almost a year starting to venture into the house nervously. Then gray kitty, who is the kitten who stayed around after Little Girl's last litter. He/she runs ever time the door opens but hangs around a lot. Little Girl had them in the woods and brought them up to the cat food when she was weening them. Little Girl sneaks up to eat but is chased off by Fat Cat. Yesterday, however, she gave him a piece of her mind and they both were eating at the same time...maybe it is the Christmas spirit at work!

  3. What a wonderful card! Appreciation of these things (and sense of humor) must run in the family. I love the kitties, but am glad they have their backs to the birds who look to be nervously holding the music. Lovely serendipity and brings a big smile to us all.

  4. Oh Heloen, the kit looks great in your pages.