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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Store And Kit-Naming Contest!

At long last I finally have my own store and will be able to offer for sale all the new kits which I´ve created during the past year. Special thanks go to Lajuana aka Scrapladyandmore without whom this wouldn´t have been possible.

At present I´ve released only my past and present Christmas kits plus Nouveau Summer as it´s a special favourite of Lajuana´s and she´s created some quite spectacular layouts using it as a Christmas kit. From now on I´ll be adding to the collection in my store with at least one special featured kit every month which you´ll find posted here on my blog along with coordinating freebies. The first featured kit is, of course, A Christmas Carol, along with which I´m offering a freebie QP created from the kit but you´ll find many other freebies among my kit previews which coordinate both with this kit and with its companion kit, Noel Nouveau.

And now to the kit-naming contest....You may remember that in November I posted 2 layouts created from a kit I was currently working on. Well, that kit, although long since completed, is still unnamed. With 50 items, which include no recoloured duplicates, it´s quite a large kit. I hope you´ll like it when you see the previews.

I hope that you´ll help me to name it by offering suggestions below. If I choose the name you suggest, you´ll receive the kit as a prize and all contributors will receive a Christmas themed QP and a set of coordinating festive embellishments. You may suggest as many names as you like and can even come back later if another name occurs to you as this post will remain open until I announce the winner. So make sure you copy the link just in case I post over it!

NB If you´re unknown to me and wish to take part in this contest, you´re very welcome to do so. Just remember that I won´t have your email address so you´ll have to contact me in order to receive the link and password to your prize/posting gift after the contest is over. You´ll find my contact info at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

Thank you all in advance. I hope you´ll enjoy this challenge to help me to get this, as yet unnamed, kit into my new store. Good luck!


  1. I am so, so glad you are opening a new store. And this lovely kit is a perfect send off. With that in mind, my (first) suggestions are "Perfectly Blue" or "Perfect in Blue". I may come up with something else later but the blues and aquas in this kit are wonderful together. Your frames are just beautiful. Whatever the name of this kit, I look forward to some beautiful kits in the future.

  2. I´m so pleased that you like the kit. Thank you for starting off the contest with such pretty names!

  3. It's nice to see more nostalgic and classic kits come along. I have several names in mind, so check them over: Traditions; Stories of Olde; Victorian Traditions; Heirlooms and Memories; A Vintage Holiday; Victorian Holidays; Holiday in Blue; For Olde Times Sake; Timeless; Traditions and Treasures; Reflections;
    and I could keep going! Maybe the word "blue" doesn't even need to be in it.

  4. I'm so happy you have a store again :-)
    When I saw the previews I only had one thought: vintage Aqua. I've had more thoughts since than, I promise, but this one is the one that stuck. LOL


  5. Hi Helen,

    I'm so happy, too, that you are in business again. I love all the suggested names and am trying to think of some, too. It's vintage but I see a lightness and airiness that remind me it could be used for contemporary layouts, too. But what name?!! . . .
    Sweetness & Light
    Lightly Framed
    Softly Vintage
    Olde and New
    Sweet Memories

    There must be so many more!!


  6. Thank you all for getting the ball rolling so quickly. You´ve got off to a great start! Keep them coming...

  7. Congratulations on your grand opening! I'm so happy to see this dream come to fruition for you. Huge kudos to LaJuana for all her hard work. It clearly paid off in the form of a beautiful store. I'm about as creative as a fly on the wall so I'll be no help on kit names but look forward to seeing what you settle on. It's going to be hard... lots of great submissions already!

    Hugs, D

  8. Oh, hurray, Helen! Congratulations on your store and to Laj for her part of the creation. It is all wonderful.

    The new kit is so lovely and I can see it will receive a fitting name. I'm wretched with naming but I thought of various words and these went together in my head: Soft, Gentle Time or perhaps Softness of Time. As I said, wretched at this.

  9. Congratulations on the opening of your new store! I am so happy for you and your customers who have been patiently awaiting this day! Laj did a wonderful job! Your new kit is beautiful! I've been trying to figure out a name... I'll have to keep thinking. :)

  10. Thank you. Even if you haven´t all suggested a name, I appreciate your good will and congratulations.

  11. I thought of one more that seems to fit, "Blue Serenity". Everyone has such great ideas that I know you will find a wonderful name for this lovely kit.

  12. Thank you so much for coming back with another suggestion. I can see that it´s going to be even more difficult now to choose a name!