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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flying Pig Meets Sparkling Lizard

I´m a magpie by nature. Anything glittering always attracts my attention so when I saw a sparkling lizard recently in a shop window display I just had to buy it. I already have a silvery pig candle with glittering nose, toes and wings which was a good luck gift last New Year – that´s one candle that´ll never be lit! - so when I got my lizard home I introduced them to each other and now they sparkle together beautifully under my silver filigree table lamp. An ill-assorted couple maybe but at least the glitter will never wear off their relationship!

I created this page using a combination of my recently released kit, Sweetness and Light, and its companion kit, Simply Serene, which I intend to release soon along with a few of my other kits. The diamond glitter and the silvery beads are from the latter. Everything else is from Sweetness And Light though I desaturated the ornate gold frame to suit my page. The jewelled heart is a freebie which you´ll find HERE.

By the way, with Valentine´s Day approaching, I thought I´d give my room a more feminine romantic look again. Besides, the colours go so well with both the kits mentioned above, I couldn´t resist altering my room to suit them.


  1. Sparkling lizard and flying pig make a lovely couple. :o) VERY cute page and I love the extra sparkles scattered about.

  2. What a cute couple they make

  3. Love your new sparkling lizard, he makes a wonderful companion for your flying pig! You know I love bling... cute page! :)

  4. What a delightful pair! Love the pictures of them and the whole page. Have to keep in mind the change possible in the frame.

  5. What an adorable pair...don't tell Dora I used her "word" to describe these little guys. They look like that are conspiring or perhaps trying to decide if that heart is edible! Love your title and how fun to see something so "silver" from the master of "gold"!

  6. This is too cool! Great journaling, thanks so much for sharing!