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Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Helen

Helen, I decided that you needed to revisit your birthday room to celebrate your birthday today.   You may recall the room was created from the perfect QP Room in Shabby Chic Rooms Part 2 where I also found some roses to place into your vase and a book where I marked the perfect place for you to read.  You have had such a busy year with designing new kits, I doubt you have gotten much read from the book!  I'm so excited about your new kits that will be available over the next few months in your new store.

I saved Deb's silver and gold cake and Diane's silver leaded hearts and alpha birthday decorations to use again in your birthday room.  If you tire of reading, just relax on the gorgeous pink pillow from Shabby Chic Rooms Part 2 and dream once again about the blue bonnets you planted from Diane's seeds that will hopefully return again in the spring.  With all the winter weather, it might be hard so I added a visual for you to gaze upon.

Happy Birthday, my friend...I hope you have a perfect day!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Helen! I hope you had a fabulous day! I hope you had some cake for me! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Helen! What a delightful room Laj has prepared for you. And that Dora! Getting into more ceramics. I couldn't resist joining the movement and left a greeting on my blog here

  3. Oh my! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you, Lajuana, for creating such a lovely room to celebrate my birthday. Also for the pretty pastel blinkie birthday card. I must say, I´m astonished that Dora managed to keep quiet about her recent creative activity. No doubt she´s run up yet another huge phone bill by chatting to you about it.

    Thanks also, Deb and Jean for the birthday greetings.

    Off now to see what Jean´s been up to...

  4. Don't know how I manage to do this, but... missed it again.

    Happy WAY LATE birthday Helen!! No cake, but birthday hugs are coming your way.