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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Flight Of Angels

I haven´t been around much lately because I´ve been busy making Christmas cards. I used to find the joy of the festive season was marred by the frantic last minute rush to get all my preparations done so nowadays I make an early start. So far I´ve bought, and in some cases made, all my presents though I´ve only wrapped those which have to be sent abroad, and I sent those off yesterday. Our Christmas tree is up and trimmed and the living room looks particularly festive with all the lights and sparkling dingle dangles though I have to admit to having flaked out for quite a while to recover from that 5 hour marathon. After that there wasn´t very much left to do apart from the cards. I used to make them for practically everyone but that was in the days when I had no Internet access. (Didn´t we all have more time back then!) Nowadays I only make cards for family and friends but always try to make even the bought cards special by making festive stamps and stickers for the envelopes. My favourite motifs are Victorian angels and while I was working on some this morning, I thought that you might like a few to get you in a festive mood so here´s a flight of little angels for you. By the way, these angels also make pretty cards and gift tags, especially with a little additional glitter.

If you´d like this angelic quartet, you´ll find it HERE.

PS I´ll be back before Christmas so I won´t wish you a happy one just yet. I wouldn´t want you to get in a panic thinking of all the work you still have to do before you can sit back and enjoy it! As for me, I´m off to clean my workroom. Even Christmas has its down side...


  1. These are beautiful! Thank you! I'm jealous of your early preparations. I don't even have pictures yet to use on Christmas cards much less gotten started. I'm still buried in work but starting to see the light so there's hope. :o) Give Dora a smooch for me!

  2. Thanks Diane...and Dora´s just been smooched on your behalf. Don´t forget to kiss all the wet noses for me on the farm this weekend. That should keep you busy for a while.

  3. Delightful quartet of angels, Helen. Thanks for sharing them. I'm not as jealous of your early preparation as some years, but still have lots to do. Hope you are enjoying the rewards of all that decorating

  4. These are wonderful...can't wait to us them with my little angels. Thanks so much for this lovey Christmas surprise!

  5. Well, I told you I couldn't wait...here's a LO with all four of the angels in a LOs of Avery!


  6. Love the page, Lajuana! It makes a great companion piece for the page you made last year.