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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Helen!

Helen, I decided that you needed a special room to celebrate your birthday.  I found the perfect QP Room in Shabby Chic Rooms Part 2 where I also found some roses to place into your vase and a book where I marked the perfect place for you to read.  I tucked many little surprises inside the hat box just for you...but, I accidently opened the lid and you'll find them floating around your blog throughout the day!  In the DP "Ever After" kit, Deb had whipped up a silver and gold cake that is just perfect for your room and Diane's silver leaded hearts and alpha were perfect to add some birthday decorations to your birthday room.  If you tire of reading, just relax on the gorgeous pink pillow from Shabby Chic Rooms Part 2 and dream about the blue bonnets you planted from Diane's seeds that will hopefully return again in the spring.  With all the snow it might be hard, so I added a visual for you to gaze upon. 
Happy Birthday, my friend...I hope you have a perfect day!!!

PS...Oh my!  I decided to play with an animation program and the writing birthday wish turned out so big and I'm not sure why it has the white edge.  It's 25 frames so I don't think I will redo it since it will only be up for a few days.  Fun practice for me anyway...guess it's one way to send a "BIG" Happy Birthday message.


  1. Happy Birthday, Helen!
    I love the room Laj created and her sweet description of how she arranged it for you. Sure hope you will truly kick back and enjoy. It should make all this nasty winter fade away for a little bit!

  2. What a lovely surprise! Thank you Lajuana! This has got to be one of the most creative birthday cards I´ve ever had and I love all the extra surprises from Deb and Diane´s kits. I see that even Dora has collaborated in it. I´m amazed at her creativity. I hope you enjoyed your conversation with her and understood her quaint accent.
    Thank you too, Jean, for your birthday wishes.
    You´re both very kind.

  3. What an awesome and creative birthday surprise. Lajana, you always amaze me.

    Helen, have a wonderful birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Helen! I hope your day is delightful! What a sweet and heart-felt surprise you got from Laj! Very creative and fun! Enjoy your special day! Be sure to eat some cake for me! And don't let Dora eat too much! ;)

  5. Thanks everyone. Dora´s not likely to eat too much but that doesn´t mean I won´t! I´ve got lots of beautifully wrapped calories to get through. I get the calories. Dora only gets the wrapping paper to do her 4-legged shredder act on....Off to open the bubbly.

  6. Happy Birthday Helen!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day. What a fantastic surprise room that Laj designed for you. It's so nice that Dora got to help too - LOL.

  7. So sorry I missed the fun! LOL

    Hope you had a wonderfull day, but waking up to this surprised, it really couldn't be anything else......

    Happy belated Birthday, Helen....