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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Desert Beauty

While we were on holiday in Tunisia we hired a local man to take us on a trek through the desert on his camel. When we stopped to take photos we were invited to tea by a Bedouin family consisting of an elderly man and his two wives. The photo shows the younger of the two who had fun dressing me up in her wedding finery. In fact the out of focus part of this photo is one of several long gold chains which were attached to the headdress I was wearing. I´ve got to show you the photo of us three ladies together sometime so that you can guess which one is me! That shouldn´t be too difficult as the older wife had green facial tattoos. I still haven´t plucked up the courage to have that done...

I created this page using Summer Past, the new kit I´ve been working on recently. I hope I´ve done this desert beauty justice.


  1. What a lovely lady and fascinating story. I can hardly wait to see all three of you. Also, this kit is going to be wonderful.

  2. Love this photo...the out of focus edge really adds a lovely softness as well as depth to the photo. This kit you are working on is so perfect for this lovely lady. Eagerly waiting for the photo of you 3 ladies!