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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flowers For The Gremlin.

I´m sorry it´s taken so long to give you the link to the floral motifs freebie I offered you as an add on to Time Began In A Garden. I´ve had a lot of aggro lately. First of all some pesky blog gremlin got in overnight and started playing about with my design and the result was a huge margin at the top and bottom of the background with everything condensed into a little square in the centre. It took a lot of trial and error before I managed to get the appearance of my room back to normal again. After that, for some reason, the little pest suddenly decided to prevent me from posting on my own blog and I had to ask Lajuana to publish my last two posts. Then, as you may know if you have a blog yourself, we had no access to them while Blogger was carrying out “maintenance” yesterday. As far as I can see “maintenance” only entails deleting comments so apologies to those of you who took the trouble to make friendly comments on my last post. I´ve since changed my browser and – yippee! - find I can publish my posts without Lajuana´s kind assistance. On the other hand, as I now find I can also do so using my old browser, it looks as if blog gremlins don´t restrict their activities to only one...

Better get a move on before the gremlin strikes again!

If you´d like these paper flowers and leaves, you´ll find them HERE.

The gremlin can regard them as a peace offering.

PS Changing my browser was worthwhile after all! I´ve just discovered that I can now copy and paste text without having to write it twice, once in Word and again in my post.

Uhoh. Should have kept quiet about that in case the gremlin´s still around!


  1. Thank you for the pretty paper flowers. I've just downloaded them, and can't wait to use them! Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you for these lovelies! Hope they also appease the gremlins. Didn't even know they were creating mischief, but some of the comments on my blog also went away.

  3. Thanks so much for these wonderful paper flowers and leaves...hope to scrap a LO today with these goodies using photos taken this weekend at the Wildflower Seed Farm in Fredericksburg!