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Monday, May 23, 2011

First Lupin

Last summer I sowed some lupin seeds in a pot. When they were big enough I transplanted them to a plot in the garden right next to the Red Queen´s rose bush. Over winter they disappeared only to reappear in early spring. I was thrilled and cherished them like new-born kittens. A few weeks ago I was rewarded by the very first flower spike. Since then they´ve produced many more in various colours ranging from salmon pink to pure white but none more beautiful than the very first one.

I´ve used the QP from Time Began In A Garden to frame my lovely lupin.

PS Diane has offered to send me some more bluebonnet seeds as I had no luck with the first ones she sent. I´d love to have these wild lupins in my garden too so wish me luck!


  1. Oh, your lupin is indeed lovely! and looks so pretty in your frame from the Time Began In a Garden quick page. Good luck with the bluebonnets! :)

  2. SO pretty...I wish I had your green thumb. Well, not literally because that would be awkward and people would stare but you know what I mean. Your seeds, by the way, are in the mail!

  3. Thank you, Diane! I can hardly wait to get my green thumbs on them!

  4. Love your lupin bloom using the QP...looks like the plant is speading it's wings outside the frame. Lovely! Maybe the new bluebonnets will be more cooperative this go round!

  5. Wonderful! As always, beautiful flower in your garden and such nice extraction outside the frame. Love the kit for this celebration of a new "child" for your garden.