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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caught In The Act...AGAIN!

Remember my white rose bush?

Well, this year the Red Queen´s gardeners have been up to their old tricks again! She seems to have pardoned them last summer but it looks as if she means business this time. At least she´s only caught one of them in the act. If the other one´s careful he might get away with his crafty repainting for many years to come.

On the other hand, he might find it easier to remedy his original mistake and actually plant a RED rose bush. I hope he doesn´t though. It´s always interesting to see how many roses these rascals manage to paint in one summer.

Click to enlarge

The little that can be seen of the background is from Nature Notes and the photo mask is the one I used to create one of the frames in the kit. The long-stemmed rose is from Vintage Bouquet. As before, the wonderful b & w illustrations are by Tenniel from an old copy of Alice In Wonderland daubed red by the Red Queen´s gardeners. Well, they get blamed for everything else so why not that too...


  1. They've really done it again! Hard to believe you've got roses already but I did see some in bloom today being sold in the store. I'm glad you gave us a nice big picture of them with their old friends and nemesis. Wonderful designs.

  2. We´ve not only got roses already, we also have bluebells, violas, pansies, big red daisies, irises, anemones, marigolds, nasturtiums, some early lilies, honeysuckle, clematis, peonies, lupins, ferns, rhubarb, tiny apples and plums...and these are only the flora we planted ourselves apart from the buttercups and daisies on the lawn. There are also lots of – as yet unidentified - plants blooming which our predecessors planted!

  3. You definitely have a very unique rosebush...must be lots of fun to check and see what color is blooming today (or being painted by the Red Queen's gardeners)! Love the close up look into the rose bush...very witty and fun LO!

    Wow...what a wonderful collection and variety of blooms in your garden...mine is rather dull. Though a walk outside this morning I found buds on my mums, a sunflower that has come up in my front yard, and the 4 O'clocks have come up. A few tiny wildflower daisies and buttercups in the yard. We had rain before our trip and I noticed a few more wildflowers along the roads leading to the house as we drove home.

  4. You are definitely a few weeks ahead of us in the Flower department. I don't think my rose bush is going to make it back this year, but I might get a new one, and actually plant the poor thing in the ground this time! Wonderful page you created! I Love it! :)