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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gardening Around the Clock

This spring I seem to have spent nearly every waking hour in my garden. I appreciate it even more than usual this year, perhaps because we had such a long, severe and depressing winter. Just as soon as the very last tulip had gone into summer hibernation and the first forget-me-not had appeared I was out there sowing, planting, fertilising, pruning and taking precautions against the most deadly enemy of my plants, the dreaded snail. And it seems to have paid off. Here are just a very few of my recent garden treasures although even as I write this my garden is changing with new flowers appearing and old ones fading so rapidly it´s hard to keep up-to-date.

I see from the clock that it´s twenty five past spring so we´re on the brink of summer already. I´m looking forward to seeing what this new season will bring. LinkI created this floral page using backgrounds and elements from my most recent kit, Nature Notes.


  1. Looks like summer has already arrived to me. You must have been hard at work getting everything so lovely.

  2. Wonderful collection blooms from your garden and love the bird perched on the clock viewing the rewards of all your work in the garden!