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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lerwick Cousin

This is my mother´s cousin, Margaret Peterson aka Peggy, one of the many relatives she used to visit in Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland Isles. I scanned this photo at 2400 dpi because I wanted to get enough detail to create a portrait but I´m also going to scrap the entire photo sometime as it shows so much of the fashion of the era. Even if the date - 1948 - hadn´t been written on the back, just the hair style alone would have given it away. In the full size photo you can see that she´s wearing a dress with a floral pattern which wouldn´t look out of place today.

Again, as in the earlier page of my aunt, I´ve used backgrounds and elements from the kit I´m presently working on. Couldn´t resist playing with the butterfly swirls again! At least I´ve added a bird although he´d have no trees to perch on as they don´t grow in Shetland.


  1. Your page turned out great, and I love the new kit you are working on! I love the little bird and the butterfly swirls! I love the frame and the lace too! Very beautiful page for your beautiful 2nd cousin! I look forward to seeing the page you will do with the full photo. :)

  2. This is a beautiful page for your cousin's lovely face. You are right about the dating of the hairdo, though you are more exact on those details than I am. The simplicity of the banded design makes a strong statement on the importance of her picture. And the bird is very welcome! Don't for a moment doubt the presence of birds despite the treeless environment. I had to look up the Shetlands (my, they really are up North!) and find they are a birders destination with lots to see. Nesting birds include many seabirds, but there are also land birds like wren, (European) robin, doves, pipits, and so on. Your developing kit is looking enchanting.

  3. Wow...stunning! Both your cousin and the LO you created for her. I don't blame you for using the the butterfly swirls...they are delightful. I'm thinking the bird is admiring both your cousin and the fun fluttering of the butterfly!

  4. Can't wait to see the kit. The page really shows off the portrait, without fading in the background :-)